3 Raw Members and 2 Indian army Major also killed in Kabul attack

In recent Kabul attack that took place last week killing 17 People including 10 Indians while Afghan Taliban took responsibility of this attack. Indians as usual blamed Pakistan for this attack and started Media Propaganda that Pakistani group Lashkar Taiba has done this attack.

According to the report of an Pakistani Newspaper among 10 Indians that where killed in this attack 3 Indian intelligence agency Raw Members and 2 Indian army Majors where also included. it is also told in this report that Indian Security officials are really upset by killing of their people in this attack.

its an open secret that thousands of Indian intelligence agency Raw members are operating in Afghanistan near Pakistan border that are involve in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Several times Indian Weapons are caught in Pakistani Tribal areas. after two days of attack on Indians in Kabul 4 Pakistani's where killed that where working in Kandhar Province of Afghanistan. the recent developments are showing that Afghanistan is become battlefield between Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and Indian intelligence agency Raw.