Hamid Karzai tune also changed after India & America

Just few days ago we find American and Indian tune changing about Afghanistan and Pakistan and Indians where thinking about ending its operations in Afghanistan and calling its citizen back from Afghanistan but yesterday we saw another person tune changed towards Pakistan due to situation in Afghanistan.

it was the same person who from last eight years helping Indians in destabilizing Pakistan by funding terrorist groups like BLA and TTP through Pak Afghan Border. it was the same person who was welcoming Indians in Kabul while targeting Pakistan.

I am talking about Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. Karazi is on Pakistani tour from yesterday and yesterday his tune was very much changed about Pakistan. He said "India is a close friend of Afghanistan, but Pakistan is a twin brother". Hamid Karzai also said that we don,t want Pakistani and Indian proxy war in Afghanistan against each other nor we want our land to be used by any country against other country.

Hamid Karazi signal was clear he is ready to end heavy Indian influence in Afghanistan and wanting good relationship with Pakistan. you would like to know why this sudden change in Karzai? the reason is simple American and Nato defeat in Afghanistan and their possible exit soon from Afghanistan. watching this Hamid Karzai changed his tune towards Pakistan and got ready to reduce Indian influence in Afghanistan and requested help from Pakistan against Afghan Taliban.