If Americans won in Afghanistan

It is almost 9 years when Americans attacked the Afghanistan and till now they are not able to win in Afghanistan. Afghan Taliban are still fighting how they where fighting 9 years ago. 29 Taliban leaders out of 32 that where Ministers in Taliban Government on Afghanistan are alive and fighting against Americans. Main three Leaders that are fighting against Americans in Afghanistan Mula Umar, Jalalud Deen Haqqani and Gulbadeen Hikmat Yar are also alive.

There are not much chances that Americans will now be able to win in Afghanistan. But in last few months Americans have change their strategy in Afghanistan. Hilmand that is a strong place of Taliban is attacked by American with heavy weapons and their support from Pakistani Pashtun areas is also reduced and thirdly Americans are trying to bring Iraq Model in Afghanistan according to which Americans are trying to create dispute within Taliban and trying to buy support of some Afghan leaders with money.First example of it came out when Afghan Taliban and Hikmat Yar group attacked each other few day ago.

Fourthly Americans are putting pressure on Afghan Taliban through Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to start dialogues. And sixthly Many Afghan Taliban leaders are arrested in recent years from Pakistan like Mula Baradar. so all these thing can make Afghan Taliban weak and Americans can win in Afghanistan. But there are very few chances of American success in Afghanistan but if Americans win in Afghanistan the situation for Pakistan and Iran will become very difficult as it is now. Afghanistan will become a permanent house of Anti Pakistan elements like Karzai and India and they will continue to support terrorism in Pakistan as they are doing now. on other hand Americans will continue to destabilize Iran by funding groups like Jundullah.

But most of former Pakistani army Generals like Hamid Gul and Col Imam believes that Americans can never win in Afghanistan and will leave Afghanistan in maximum two years. If Americans leaves Afghanistan soon it will be a very suitable situation for Pakistan because Indian and Karzai will also run with America and Afghanistan will again come under Afghanistan Taliban control that are not Anti Pakistan. Most importantly Terrorist organizations like BLA and TTP will also not be able to get heavy funds from Afghanistan.