India is a threat to World Peace not us: Lashkar Taiba

Spokesman of Lashkar Taiba Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi has said that Lashkar Tabia is struggling for the freedom of occupied Kashmir from India and World don,t have any threat from Lashkar but from India who is watching dreams of Making "Akhand Bharat".

He said International Media is doing trail of Lashkar Taiba and we don,t have any International agenda except freedom of Kashmir. Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi was giving Interview to Pakistan Newspaper Express News.

He said that American foreign relations committee is under hold of India Lobby and America must work for freedom of Kashmir instead of blaming Lashkar Taiba. Kashmiri's struggle for freedom is accepted correct Internationally and even UN has passed resolutions about it. He said American congress must also demand end of Human rights violation by Indian army on people of Kashmir.

He said the blames on Lashkar Taiba by India are fake and we are not involve in any type of terrorism and Lashkar Taiba is a organization which is fighting against the occupation of occupied Kashmir by Indian army. Spokesman of Lashkar also said that Following Quran and Hadith is a important part of every Mujahid of Lashkar Taiba and Islam is a religion of peace which don,t allows innocent Killings and Jihad in Kashmir is against occupation and brutality of Indian army not civilians. 

He said India keep on doing Fake Propaganda against Lashkar Taiba to give it a bad image and end struggle of Kashmir freedom.