India running from Afghanistan?

According to report of Indian News Channel CNN-IBN India has decided to end all of its operations in Afghanistan and has advised its Citizen present in Afghanistan to return back to India.

according to this report Indian Government is also thinking about ending its Projects in Afghanistan and India's Consulates in major Afghan cities as well. According to this report the reason of ending Indian operations is Afghanistan is recent Kabul attack on Indians by Afghan Taliban and some reports are saying that in this attack 4 Raw and 2 Indian army Majors where also killed.

In recent days Pakistan has raised the issue of Indian presence in Afghanistan on International level and demanded ending Indian role in Afghanistan because Pakistan found solid proofs of Indian involvement in terrorism in Balochistan and NWFP through Afghan border.

Even the basic purpose of Indian presence in Afghanistan was destabilizing Pakistan. India has no border with Afghanistan but India spent billions of Rs in Afghanistan and large no. of Raw and Indian army soldiers where present there. Now if India is really going from Afghanistan it will be a good sign for security of Pakistan.