India to give one Trillion Rs to Anti Pakistan Taliban Groups

we have discussed this issue in the past as well which a large no. of people don,t know that there are different Taliban groups with different purposes, different leadership, different thinking and their funding sources are also different.

Afghan Taliban are fighting against the occupation of their land and they are not involve in innocent killings.but some group came into existence after 2006 who also kept their name Taliban but they kills only innocent people of Pakistan. one of these group is Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which has done deadly attacks on common People of Pakistan in name of Islam.

This group came into existence after 2006 and it is funded by Indian intelligence agency Raw while Afghan Taliban has never owned this grop. Pakistan army has several times caught Indian weapon from TTP terrorists. Indian Raw is heavily funding this group from Afghan Border.

Now according to a latest report Indian government has given plan to Indian raw to destroy Pakistani economy. According to this plan Indian Raw will give more than one trillion RS to these TTP terrorits who will do deadly attacks in Pakistan like they are already doing.

according to this report through Afghan Transact Trade Wine and Weapons are going to Afghanistan which is Raw providing to TTP. on term of not telling name a officer of ISI has told that Raw is heavily bringing containers of wine and weapons to Afghanistan.