India unhappy on China Bangladesh increasing relations

There is no Neighbour country of India with whom it is has good relations whether it is Pakistan, China, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka non of these country is very close to India. Indian hands are also found in terrorism on some of theses countries but the latest bad news for India which is making Indian officials very upset is increasing relations between Bangladesh and China. According to Bangladeshi Media Indian officials are really upset on increasing cooperation between Bangladesh and China in different sectors.

This increasing cooperation between Bangladesh and China effected India Bangladesh relations so much that Bangladeshi Foreign Secretary needed to give the statement that relations between Bangladesh and China will not effect relations of India and Bangladesh. China is doing cooperation with Bangladesh in sectors of Railway, Ports and making streets these days. China is also interested in investing on different sectors in Bangladesh in future. India is not happy with changing situation of the region and if US and Nato forces also left Afghanistan in next few months India will be even more problems.