Indian Famous Journalist Amresh Misra on Mumbai attacks & Karkare death

Indian Famous Journalist  Amresh Misra has said that Mumbai attacks was an inside Job and Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and RSS where involve in this attack. Amresh Misra was addressing with a Jalsa held in Indian city Allahabad.

Misra said that basic purpose of Mumbai attacks was killing Hament Karkare and those Police officers who where doing investigation on Hindu terrorism and found that Muslims where not involve in terrorism in India but Hindu extremist groups like RSS and Bajrang Dal where doing this while blame of these attacks was coming on Muslims. He said that Hament Karkare also caught Col Prohit and found the root of terrorism due to which drama of Mumbai attacks was done to kill him.

Amresh Mirsa said that the family member of Hament Karkare also wants investigation of his death. He said that Muslims are not doing terrorism in India and the attacks that are taking place are to give wrong color to Islam and Muslims.

Misra said that Hament Karkare called some Muslim personalities to Mumbai few days before his death and told them that Indian Mujahideen Group don,t exists. Misra said that the Real Jihadi groups don,t kill innocent people and Mossad and CIA creates fake Jihadi,s to give wrong color to Jihad and Muslims. in the end he demanded proper investigation of  death of Hament Karkare.