Israeli Siege over Gaza is basic reason of Extremism: UN

Secretary General of United Nations Ban Ki Moon has said that Israeli Siege over Gaza is the basic reason of Extremism. He said that Israel has done Siege of Gaza from last three years from the day Hamas came into Government after winning the elections.

 Ban Ki Moon visited Gaza last week and said that People of Gaza are living in a unacceptable condition and my message for People of Gaza is that United Nation is with them in this difficult situation.

 My question to UN is when US attacks a Muslim country UN gives him permission and Forces of all Western countries also goes to help Americans in name of War on terror and kills Millions of innocent People but when Israel is killing innocent people of Palestine you are just giving statements after statements and not taking any practical step.

I agree with this statement of Ban Ki Moon that Israeli Siege over Gaza is basic reason of Extremism but this is also the case in other parts of world where Muslim lands are occupied by foreign forces and Muslim organization are fighting for freedom of their lands which are labeled as terrorists but no one see the basic reason that why these organization came into existence that is occupation of Muslim lands.