Mullah Baradar was arrested by Pak to end dialogues: UN Ambassador

Former United Nations Ambassador in Afghanistan Kaai Edi has blamed Pakistan that Afghan Taliban leader Mula Baradar Abdul Ghani is arrested by Pakistan to stop dialogues for Peace between US and Afghan Taliban and due to his arrest all secret channels can be closed to do dialogues with Afghan Taliban while Pakistan has rejected these blames and said that arrest of Mula Baradar will not effect war of terror. Former UN Ambassador in Afghanistan  Kai Edi is from Norway and he was giving a Interview to a TV Channel yesterday.

He said that doing dialogues with Afghan Taliban leaders is a part of strategy for solution of Afghan problem.

He accepted in Interview that secret dialogues where started with Afghan Taliban last year and I contacted Mula Baradar and other Afghan Taliban leaders last year. He said that dialogues where going on with Afghan Taliban through Mula Baradar but after his arrest dialogues with Taliban are stopped and Pakistan not played the role which was required by him.

He said that arrest of Mula Baradar is not a coincidence but Pakistan has arrested him to stop dialogues and now it can take months or even years to start dialogues with Afghan Taliban again. Pakistani Government has strongly rejected blames of Former UN Ambassador and has said that such blames can effect War on terror. Pakistani Government has also said that arrest of Mula Baradar from Karachi was a great success.