TTP & Raw targets Lahore again

Biggest city of Pakistani Province Punjab Lahore was under attack yesterday. First two suicide bombers attacked in R.A Bazar Cantt Lahore on army officers and common people in two suicide attacks killing 57 people and hundreds of people where injured.

Later on in the evening five more small attacks took place in Iqbal town of Lahore which where small attacks done only to frighten people and no killings or injuries took place in these attacks. TTP has taken the responsibility of the attack.

According to security experts and Government officials Indian intelligence agency Raw is providing Weapons. explosive devices and Money to TTP terrorists. it was also found that Indian intelligence agency Raw is trying hard to create sectarian violence in biggest city of Pakistan Karachi. Pakistan army has done operation against TTP in Swat and South Waziristan where these terrorists where badly defeated but still they are not ended completely and doing such activities against innocent people.