US wants to see Israel as biggest power in region: Joe Biden

American Vice President Joe Biden has said that US wants to see Israel as biggest power in the middle east. He was giving a Interview to an Israeli Newspaper during his visit to Israel. Joe Biden said that US will fully support Israel if war took place between Iran and Israel and a Nuclear Iran is not only a big thread for Israel but for US as well. He also said that US is thinking about increasing the yearly aid to Israel and providing latest Missile technology to Israel.

This Interview shows the real face of US policy towards Israel and Palestine. US is providing billions of dollars and Weapons to Israel as aid with whom Israel is killing people of Palestine and occupying their land. US officials statement of solving Israel Palestine problem are nothing but just statements. Israeli zionist Jew lobby is very powerful in US and Barack Obama can never go against it. Zionist Jews are owners of big multinational companies even most of International Media including CNN, Fox News is owned by these Zionist Jews using whom they spread fake propaganda against Muslims.