Video of Swat Girl flogging proved Fake

Almost 5 months ago a Video spread all over Media on TV channels and Internet in which few Pakistani Taliban where showed flogging a 17 years old Girl in name of "Islamic Shariah" in Swat city of Pakistani province NWFP. After coming of this video some so called Secular and Liberal elements started targeting Islam and Shariah.

This Video was used by Anti Islam elements to give wrong image to Islam and declare Shariah a Barbaric thing. This Video got millions of views on Youtube and International Media used it to target Islam.

But Yesterday Pakistan Law-enforcement agencies has caught the Maker of this video who has claimed that this Video was fake and he got 1 Lakh Rs for making this video from a NGO. The girl who was showed in the video also got 1 Lakh Rs. The Video was actually made to defame Islam, Shariah, Jihad and Pakistan.This video is the latest example how some Anti Islam elements are using Media to play their dirty game against Islam.