Who is behind recent Incidents in Pakistan?

From Last few years Pakistan is under massive Terrorism and facing Bomb blasts and suicide attacks almost every week. Large no. of people don,t know who is actually behind this terrorism? i asked this question from a experienced security expert and got these answers.

1 in Pakistan a group Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (not the Taliban that are fighting in Afghanistan) is doing these suicide attacks.

2 Indian raw is heavily funding this group and also doing many direct bomb blasts in Pakistan.

3 Americans CIA also buy people for doing bomb blasts and create sectarian violence in Pakistan.

4 Afghan Taliban are not involve in terrorist activities in Pakistan their agenda is freedom of their land Afghanistan.

5 The mistakes Pakistan army and Mushraf done after 9/11 we are facing the result of it today.

6 some attacks are also result of operations like Lal masid and Drone attacks but Raw and CIA are also using that hatred against common people of pakistan by backing Such people.

7 Recent example that also proves that America backs terrorism  is arrest of Group Jundullah's Leader Abdul Malik Rigi who was killing Shia's in name of Islam and after arrest he had admitted that CIA was backing us and i was on American base in Afghanistan 48 hours ago from arrest.

8 another example of it is Shia sunni where living with love from 350 years in iraq not a single incident of sectarian violence took place between them but now after Americans coming in Afghanistan we everyday seeing sectarian violence between shia sunni in iraq.