India on US Watch List for Religious Freedom

India which is known as Secular and a Largest Democracy of the World is been put on US Watch List on the issue of Religious Freedom. Few days ago India was declared Number two in the world for religious discrimination by United Nations and now its also on US Watch list.

India is not a secular country by anyway because in India communal violence against the minorities like Muslims and Christians is more than anywhere else. If you see in just last ten years more than 10000 Muslims and Christians where killed by Hindu Extremist groups like RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. In Gujrat State of India over 3000 Muslims where killed by Hindu Extremist Groups.

In 2008 more than 116 Christian Churches where destroyed in Orisa by Hindu Extremist. If we talk about occupied Kashmir you will not find any day when innocent Kashmiri,s are not killed in Indian army state terrorism.

30th April Day of Pakistan Army Martyres (Youm-e-Shuhada)

30th April Day of Pakistan Army Martyres (Youm-e-Shuhada)

Next India Pakistan War can be on Water: Hafiz Saeed

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that next war between India as Pakistan can take place on the water issue. Hafiz Saeed said if Indian not stopped its Water Terrorism by making Dams on Pakistani Water a war can take place on this issue. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed was addressing in a conference held at Choubarji Lahore.

Hafiz Muhammad saeed said that India is making new Dams on Pakistani Rivers to divert the Pakistani Water towards India in occupied Kashmir. He also said that US and Nato are soon going from Afghanistan due to which India is really worried.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is also the Founder of Lashkar Taiba that was blamed by Indians for doing Mumbai attacks but Hafiz Saeed completely rejected this blame. India is also not able to provide any proof against Hafiz Saeed to Pakistan.

Pakistan Cricket Team T20 World cup 2010 Song

Pakistan Cricket Team T20 World cup 2010 Song.

India is against Dialogues with Afghan Taliban

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said to Afghan President Hamid Karzai in their last meeting in Delhi that India is against Dialogues with Afghan Taliban and we have reservations on Dialogues with Afghan Taliban because it can increase role of Pakistan in Afghanistan. Afghan President Meet with Manmohan Singh in Delhi on Monday and they discussed present situation of Afghanistan.

Manmohan Singh also promised to continue operations in Afghanistan while he also talked about Security of More than 4000 Indians that are present in Afghanistan. India don,t want any role of Pakistan in Afghanistan because it knows that if Afghanistan become peaceful Pakistan will also become peaceful and if Pakistani role in Afghanistan will increase Indians will have to run away from Afghanistan.

But Indians will have to run once Nato and American forces starts Exit from Afghanistan in next few years.

Hakeemullah Mehsud is alive: British Media

British Media has claimed that Top Leader of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan Hakeemullah Mehsud is alive and present in North Waziristan. Few Months ago in January Media reported that Hakeemullah Mehsud was dead in a Drone attack by CIA in North Waziristan.

After the drone attack Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik also confirmed the news of Hakeemullah's Death and till now no Video or Audio message of him has come as well. But British Media is claiming that Hakeemullah Mehsud is alive and Healthful now.

Pakistan Army Amazing Songs

Following is a List of Amazing Pakistan Army songs. To Listen a Song Click its Link.

Sindhi Hum Balochi Hum
Rahe Haq Mai Yon Hi
Allah ho Akbar
Azme Nau
Sathiyo Mujahidoo
Ye Faujain Pakistan ki

Indian Female Diplomat arrested for spying for Pakistani ISI

According to Indian Media an Senior Indian Female Diplomat Madhuri Gupta has been arrested in New Delhi for Spying for Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI. Madhuri Gupta was working in Indian Embassy in Islamabad from Last three years while she was spying for ISI from last two years but no Indian intelligence agency was able to know it.

According to Indian Media Report  Madhuri Gupta was doing it because she was not happy with her Seniors for not giving her Promotion while she was also in Love with a Pakistani who was giving her  huge Money.

Madhuri Gupta was arrested from her House in New Delhi and After investigation of two days she accepted that she was spying for ISI. After the arrest of Madhuri many other Indian Diplomats have also came under the Scanner.

Indian Media on Madhuri Gupta who is arrested for Spying

Indian Media on Madhuri Gupta who is arrested for Spying for Pakistani ISI

Al Jazeera Report on Pakistan army War Games Azme Nau

Al Jazeera Report on Pakistan army War Games Azme Nau

Indian Army Martyred 10 Kashmiri,s

Indian army is continuing its State Terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and in a recent incident it has killed 10 Kashmiri People in Doda City of occupied Kashmir. Indian army attacked a market by claiming that Two Lashkar Taiba Mujahideen are inside but there where only Civilians.

Later on Local People told the media that there where no Mujahideen and Indian army has killed innocent people in the attack. Local People said that all the people killed where innocent and Indian army has killed them by doing a Fake Drama.

Indian army also killed two Youngsters in shopian City of occpied Kashmir. on other other hand Kashmiri leader Meervaiz Umar Farooq is arrested by Indian army. In last 20 years over 93000 innocent Kashmiri,s are killed In Indian army state terrorism.

India can do another Mumbai attacks Drama: Zaid Hamid

Pakistani Defence analyst Zaid Zaman Hamid has said that India can do another Mumbai attacks Drama in near future to put Pakistan under pressure.He said that there are reports of Indian Raw Planning another attack like Mumbai. He said that India is working on new Strategy against Pakistan to destroy it without fighting.

India is closing Water of Pakistan by making new dams and doing Propaganda against it to declare it a Failed State. Zaid Hamid Said that Indian Backed TTP is defeated in Swat and Waziristan and now only few remaining elements are doing these attacks.

Indian Media on Pakistan army Exercises Azme Nau

Indian Media on Pakistan army Exercises Azme Nau


Iranian Army Starts big Exercises

Iranian Army has started big Exercises for 3 days in Persian Gulf from Yesterday. Iranian Army is also known as Pasdaran-e Inqilab. Iranian Army is doing big Exercises at a time when there is lot of Tension Between West and Iran and both are giving Statements after statements against each other.

Western Forces are Feared that Iran is trying to Make Nuclear Weapons while Iran is denying this news and saying that our Nuclear program is peaceful. The Basic purpose of Iranian Army  Exercises is showing their strength. Persian Gulf is considered a very important path fron Economic and energy point of view where these Exercises are going on. Iranian army has said that these Exercises are not a threat for any Friend Country. Pakistan army has also done biggest Ever Exercises recently on Indian Border.

Ex-Indian Army Chief accepts ISI not involve in Terrorism

Ex-Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor accepts ISI not involve in Terrorism and violation of Ceasefire on Border.

100 Million More Indians goes below Poverty Line

According to Indian Government official estimate 100 Million or 10 Caror More People are gone below Poverty Line in India in last few years. in the past People below Poverty Line in India where 27% which are gone up to 37% now. Indian Government has now decided to bring new Food Security Bill for these Poor People.

According to United Nations now More than 410 Million People of Indian are below Poverty Line and this rate is increasing rapidly and Wealth is joining in few hands. Instead of working for ending this Poverty Indian officials are increasing their Defence Budget every year.

Beautiful Photos of Pakistan

Following are some Beautiful Photos of Beautiful Pakistan. To watch a Wallpaper in full size click it.

US Military Base Under Control of Afghan Taliban

US Military Base Under Control of Afghan Taliban

Nato Forces Martyrs 4 Afghan Kids in Firing in Afghanistan

Nato Forces has killed 4 Afghan Kids in Afghan Province Khost in firing yesterday morning. Nato Forces fired on a Car in which 4 Kids where also sitting. Kids where killed on spot. All the Kids where Cousins of small ages. Suche incident of killing innocent people are increasing day by day by Nato Forces which is increasing hatred for Nato and US in Afghanistan. By such incidents Support for Afghan Taliban is also increasing.

On other hand one British Newspaper has claimed that Taliban Commander Mula Muhammad Umar is ready to do dialogues with US. Newspaper has also claimed that Mula Umar don,t want to rule anymore on Afghanistan but he also want Shariah and exit of Foreign Forces.Afghan Preident Hamid Karzai is going to US on 10th of May to discuss recent Afghanistan developments with American officials.

Pakistani Army Ranks

Following are Ranks of Pakistan Army. to watch in full size click the Image below

We Will Continue to Support Israel: Hillary Clinton

American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that we will never stop supporting Israel and making sure the its Security. She Said America will stand with Israel and help it in every difficult condition. on the other hand American Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Molan we thinking about different options to stop the nuclear programs of Iran and attack on Iran will be the last option.

Israel has blamed Iran that Iran is a threat to whole world. on the other hand Nuclear Conference in Iran of two days is over in which it was demanded to take steps to make World free from Nuclear weapons. America is supporting Israel from the first day of its creation due to strong hold of Zionist Jews in America.

Zionist Jew Lobby is so much strong in US that even American President Barack Obama cannot go against it. America accepted Israel after 11 minutes of its creation and always supported Israeli terrorism on innocent people of Palestine. Barack obama who was a supporter of Free Palestine in his young age is also silent on Israeli terrorism and occupation on Palestine.

Another Genius Boy of Pakistan going to be wasted

Another Genius Boy of Pakistan going to be wasted

Pakistan army Exercises Azm-e-Nau Snapshot

Snapshot of Pakistan army Exercises Azm-e-Nau while on other hand Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Army Chief General Kiyani are watching the Pakistan army Exercises Azm-e-Nau.

Pakistani army Helicopters Photos

Following are Some of the Photos of Pakistani army Helicopters Photos. To watch any Picture in full size Click it.

37% Indians below Poverty Line

The Poverty in India is increasing day by day and recently Indian planning commission has accepted that the rate of Poverty Line in India has gone up to 37%. Indian planning commission has said on basis of Tendulkar Committee that the Poverty is increased 10% in India. After this increase of 10% over 1/3 India Population is gone down Poverty Line.

For those who don,t know what is Below Poverty Line? Below Poverty Line means earning less than two Dollars daily which in India currency means 80 Rs. The Wealth in India is uniting in few hands while poor is becoming more poor. Just 36 Families in India are having 1/3 of Indian GDP. Indian Establishment must think about it that instead of spending billions on Defence and Destabilizing Pakistan they must spend in giving food to their poor people

Can,t Forget Love of Pakistani People: Sikh Yatri

The Sikh Yatri that came to Pakistan from India to participate in Festival of Baisakhi has said that we cannot forget the Love we have got in Pakistan. Sikh Leader Swinder Singh said that the love and care we got by coming in Pakistan will never be forgotten by us. He said that the care of Sikh Yatri that is taken in recent years has no example in past and our Worship places are more save than before.

Thousands of Sikhs came to Pakistan every year from all around the world to visit their religious places. Many Sikhs where amazed that the Pakistan we have seen is very different from that is presented in Media. Few Months ago when 2 Pakistan Sikhs where killed in a attack India started Propaganda against Pakistan that Sikhs are not safe and happy in Pakistan. Is India forgotten what it did with Sikhs in 1984? Destroyed their most important religious places Golden Temple and killed thousands of Sikhs in operation.

Dr Israr Ahmed Struggler of Revival of Khilafat in Pakistan

Dr Israr Ahmed Struggler of Revival of Khilafat in Pakistan

Its obligatory on Muslims to learn scientific subjects: Hafiz Saeed

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that it is obligatory on Muslims to learn scientific subjects. He said we need to improve characters of students in our institutions and provide them scientific knowledge.

He said its a obligation on Muslims to learn scientific subjects without coming under slavery of west. He said Muslims are the inventors of all these scientific subjects but today West has occupied the whole world with help of Science. He said British destroyed the education system of subcontinent during its occupation and separated the religious and world education. It is very important to get knowledge to make a true Islamic society. He said missionary schools are destroying the Characters of our Kids. He said in Al Dawa schools we have tried to unite Religious and world knowledege.

America is a Nuclear Criminal: Ayatollah khamenei

In Response to America's Conference on Nuclear issues Iran is also doing a two day conference in which officials of over 60 countries have come. Supreme Commander of Iran Ayatullah khamenei said while addressing with the conference that America is the only Nuclear Criminal which has given Nuclear weapons to Israel.

Ayatullah khamenei said that If America is really serious about making Nuclear weapons free world then why it has given Nuclear weapons to Israel and why it not pressurize Israel to do signatures on NPT? He also condemned American secretary of state Hillary Clinton of using Nuclear weapons for defence of America. He also issued Fatwa that it is Haram to use Nuclear weapons in Islam.

Pakistani army Tanks Pictures

Following are some of the Photos of Pakistan army Tanks. to watch a Photo in full size click it.

Interview with Colonel Imam on Present Afghan situation

Interview with Colonel Imam on Present Afghan situation. Colonel Imam was Trainer of Afghan Mujahideen who fought against Russia.

Malaysia stops petrol supply to Iran on US pressure

US and Western Countries are trying every way to put pressure on Iran to stop its Nuclear Program. American President Barack Obama has also threat Iran of putting more strict bans on it But Iran is not ready to stop its Nuclear Program and it has also cleared that our Nuclear Program is for peaceful purpose. In a recent development Malaysia that is a very progressed Muslim Country has stop supply of Petrol to Iran on pressure by America.

Malaysian Prime Minister Razzaq Najeeb has said that if Iran not not took more steps to solve the Nuclear dispute more bans will be imposed on it. This is the basic problem of Muslim world that most of Muslim Countries Government are pro American and not ready to work for benefit of Muslim Umah. on the hand Israel is free to do whatever it wants and Israel has also denied to sign on CTBT or NPT.

Webster Tarpley exposes so called War on Terror

Webster Tarpley exposes so called War on Terror

Taliban kills 7 Nato Soldiers and Karzai's Brother

Yesterday in front of a hotel of Afghan Capital Kabul a Bomb blast took place in which 7 Nato Soldiers where killed including brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Bomb Blast took place in front of Noor Jahan Hotel in a Car. Several Cars and Shops where destroyed by the attack. Taliban has took the responsibility of the attack.

Later on 4 German Soldiers where also killed by Taliban in North Afghanistan. Taliban has claimed to defeat American forces in Afghan province Kantar.  This month is also proving deadly for Foreign forces in Afghanistan. on other hand American President Obama has announced once again to start withdrawal of American soldiers from Afghanistan in middle of 2011.

Pakistan Navy Pictures

I have collected Some Photos of Pakistan Navy which you can watch below. to watch a wallpaper in full size Click it.

Army Chief Kiyani observes Pakistan army Exercsies in Bahawalpur

Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani observes Pakistan army Exercsies Azme Nau 3 in Bahawalpur.

Pakistan don,t attack Anti Nato Talibans: Isaf commander

Isaf commander Major General Karits and Governor of Afghan Province Paktika Abdul Qauom has blamed Pakistan of not taking any action against Anti Nato Talibans.  They Criticized Pakistan army operation in Fata by saying that Pakistan is only fighting against those Taliban that are against Pakistan while it is not taking any action against those Taliban who attacks Nato.

They said by Pakistan army operation against specific Taliban even these elements are coming to Afghanistan. Major General Karits said that Pakistan army must do operation together with Nato against all Talibans. Above statements of Major General Karits and Governor of Paktika clearly shows that Pakistan is not attacking those Taliban that are not against Pakistan because Pakistan knows that it has no danger from them and Pakistan have to build relations with them again tomorrow when America will exit from Afghanistan.

Its all happens only in our Pakistan

Its all happens only in our Pakistan

Dr Israr Ahmed dies

One of the greatest Islamic Scholar and Thinker of our times Dr Israr Ahmed is died today morning in Model Town Lahore. He was born in 1932 and his age was 78 years. He worked really hard to bring Islamic Khilafat in Pakistan. As a youngster he took part in Movement of Pakistan. After making of Pakistan he joint Islami Jamiat Talba. He was one of the founder of Jamat Islami but he left the Jamat when Jamat Islami decided to take part in Politics. He was against Democracy due to which he left Jamat Islami. Later on he made Tanzeem Islami whoses purpose was to bring to Islami Khilafat in Pakistan.He delivered thousands of Islamic Lecture and appeared on Many TV Channels regularly. May Allah Swt forgive his sin and may his soul rest in peace.

Pakistan Air Force Pictures

I have collected some Wallpapers of Pakistan Air Force which i am sharing here i hope that you will like these Photos. to watch a Picture in full size Click it.

Great Speech by Pakistani Child on giving Islamic environment to Kids

Great Speech by Pakistani Child on giving Islamic environment to Kids

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza got married in Hyderabad

Indian Media and some Political parties tried everything to stop marriage of Cricketer Shoaib Malik and Tennis Star Sania Mirza but finally the Nikah took place yesterday in Indian City Hyderabad Deccan in Taj Hotel. People Celebrated in Pakistan and danced in front of Shoaib's house in Lahore. Following is a Photo of Shoaib and Sania Nikah.

No Shame on what i witten about Jinnah: Jaswant Singh

Former Foreign Minister of India Jaswant Singh who written the book "India Partition Independence" has reached Karachi yesterday and tomorrow on 14th April 2010 he will be launching his book. In this book Jaswant Singh has written about the Personality of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and declared him a Great Man. In the book Jaswant Singh also called Nehru the main person responsible for Partition of India not Quaid Azam.

After the Launch of the book Big reaction came from Indian Political parties and Media and Jaswan Singh was expelled from his party BJP. Jaswant Singh has reached the Karachi on 12th April for 6 days and will launch the book on 14th April in Islamabad.

He is also giving Interviews to different TV Channels. Jaswant Singh said in an Interview that I stand by what i write about Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah and i have no shame on it.He said it was my obligation to meet people of Pakistan after writing this book. This is the same Jaswant Singh who was a big enemy some years ago but his thinking changed after his research about Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah.

A Video for Indian Muslims

A Video for Indian Muslims

Iran announces to make new Air Defence Missile

Iran has announced to make new Air Defence Missile. According to an Iranian New Channel Press TV the name of this Air Defence Missile is "Marsad". This Missile can hit Jet Fighters even on lot of height. Iranian Foreign Minister not given much information about the Missile but he said that it is a better Missile as compare to American hawk missile.

Iranian Spokesman of Foreign Ministry has said that Iran will go to United Nation against Barack Obama threat of doing Nuclear attack on Iran. Last week Barack Obama given this statement that Iran and North Korea and ended from the list of those countries on whom American will not do Nuclear attack. Iranian Supreme Commander Ayatullah Khamnai has also condemned this statement of Barack Obama. Yesterday Iranian President Ahmednijad also said that Barack Obama speaks language of Bullets.

Taliban must throw Weapons by ending fight: Karzai

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that Taliban must throw the Weapons by ending fight and work for progress of Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai was addressing in Afghan Capital Kabul with a ceremony. He said that those Elements that are ready to through weapons they are welcome for dialogues. He demanded Taliban that they most through Weapons otherwise Foreign Forces will not leave Afghanistan.

on the other Nato Forces has started big operation in Province Qandoz and first of all Nato forces are fighting in Char Darah City. Hamid Karzai is trying to broke Taliban into parts and wants some groups to join him against remaining Taliban. So far he is not succeeded in this strategy. Hizb Islami that is another big group fighting in Afghanistan against Nato has also announced to continue to War against foreign forces.

Pakistan army biggest Exercises Azm-e-Nau Started

Pakistan army biggest Exercises Azm-e-Nau Started in Multan and Bahawal Pur.

Indian Secularism exposed again on Sania Shoaib issue

India which calls itself a Secular and Democratic country its Secularism and thinking is exposed once again. The News of Tennis Star Sania Mirza marriage with Cricketer Shoaib Malik is fallen like electric current on Indians. from India media to Politicians to common public everyone is targeting Sania Mirza just because she has decided to marry a Pakistani.

Indian News Channels are doing everything to defame Shoaib Malik and to broke this marriage. Some Hindu Extremist Political parties has also done protests against Sania Mirza.

Chief of Shiv Sena Bal Bal Thackeray She not found a man in Indian that she is marrying a Pakistani? Most of Indian Public is also not happy on Sania Mirza marriage with Shoaib Malik and they are abusing Sania Mirza on different Social Networking websites. My Question to Indians is what type of Secularism is it? a Muslim girl is marrying a Muslim boy by her own choice then why you are objecting?

Indians attacked again in Afghanistan

Yesterday Afghan Taliban has done attack on Indian Road construction camp in Afghan Province Khost and burnt Cars and other equipments. Afghan Interior Minister has said that Indian road Construction team was working on road when Afghan Taliban done attack on Indians at morning however no one died in this attack.

Two days ago Afghan Taliban destroyed Nato Helicopter in which 4 American soldiers where killed. Indians are targeted several times in last few months by Afghan Taliban in which several Indians including Raw members where killed. on other hand second big group fighting against Nato in Afghanistan Hizb Islami has announced to continue the war after their peace plan was rejected.

Hizb Islami Spokesman has said that Americans will also run from Afghanistan like Russia and every person that is fighting against foreign occupation in Afghanistan is our brother.

Problems will solve by following Quran Sunnah: Hafiz Saeed

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that Problems of Pakistan will only solve if we will follow the rules given in Quran and Sunnah.

Hafiz Saeed was  addressing with Jumah Khutba in Markaz Al Qadsia. He said that Government Silence on Indian Water Terrorism is sadful and we need to take early steps to stop making of new Indian dams on Pakistan Rivers. Pakistan was made in name of Islam and our problems will be solved only by following Quran and Sunnah.

Hafiz Saeed said that Muslim given Millions of Sacrifices for making of Pakistan to live a free life from slavery of Hindu.  He said its sadful that we have not implemented the Islam in Pakistan even after 63 years of its creation. Enemies of Pakistan are making policies to destroy it so we need to make Policies according to our national interest.

Fire Power Demonstration by Pakistan Air Force in Exercises 2010

Fire Power Demonstration by Pakistan Air Force in Exercises 2010

Indian Soldiers do Gang Rape of Girl in Pune

Indian army that is very famous for its dirt works like Sex Scandals, women sexual harassment and raping. In the past several times i shared news with you about real face of Indian army. Last month i shared a video in which Kashmiri people smear dirt and naked Indian Soldiers for raping a Kashmiri girl. Yesterday Indian Soldiers has done another dirty work by doing a Gang rape of 19 years old Girl in Indian city Pune.

Indian soldiers caught a Girl who was going on Motor Cycle with his boyfriend and after beating the boy they raped the girl. Soldiers also taken cell phone of the girl. FIR is registered by the Police against these Indian soldiers in a Pune Police Station. Such incidents are common In India and Indian army is having large number of Sex Scandals.

Kids Playing Football in Bait ul muqaddas

Kids Playing Football in Bait ul muqaddas in afternoon. Often Israel bans Palestinians to come here and to offer Prayer in Masjid Aqsa.

Indian Propaganda against Lashkar Taiba

Indian Propaganda against Lashkar Taiba

Agendas of New Indian army Chief Gen Singh

Few days ago Former Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor has retired and Gen Singh has become new Army Chief of Indian army. Former Indian army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor and Present army Chieg Gen Singh where not having good relations and it also divided Indian army. This Division is still existing in the army and Gen Singh first agenda will be to end this division. New Indian army Chief Gen Singh is having these Basic agendas.

1 Ending the large number of Sex Scandals and Corruption in Indian army.
2 Ending the Land Scams like Sukna issue.
3 Overcoming the Inability of Indian army of fighting in night.
4 Messing with China through Afghanistan.
5 Ending the division In Indian army.
6 Countering Separatist movements In India Like Naxals that liked 80 Indian Soldiers within one attack few days ago.
7 Destabilizing Pakistan and tackling Pakistan army capabilities.
These are the basic agendas of New Indian Army Chief Gen Singh.

Biggest attack by Maoists Ever kills 73 Indian Security Man

Yesterday Morning More than 70 Indian Security Man where killed by biggest Ever attack done by Maoists Naxals in chhattisgarh India. Hundred of Naxals who where hiding behind Mountains done three attacks on Indian Security man and killed more than 70 Security man within few minutes. These Security man where coming back after doing search operation when Naxals started firing on them.

Indian Interior Minister Chidambaram has showed his sorrow on the incident. He talked to media in New Delhi and said too many killings has taken place and its very sad. Naxals has done this attack after the visit of Chidambaram to Chhattisgarh. The attack was so big that even Bulletproof cars where destroyed in the attack. Nexels armed Movement has spread in several States of India and Indian Prime Minister also declared it biggest Internal threat to India. Yesterday's attack by Naxals was biggest ever attack done by Naxals in India.

73 Indian Security man killed by Naxals

73 Indian Security man killed by Naxals.

Pakistan is also making Robotic army: American Media

Pakistan is also making Robotic army: American Media report

Hamid Karzai threats US to become Taliban

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has once again targeted Western Countries and blamed US of interfering in Afghan Government Internal matters. He said if West not stopped interfering in Afghan Government Internal matters then Taliban Movement will become right and I will have no other choice to Join Taliban.

According to Media Hamid Karzai said it in front of 70 Afghan Parliamentarians. American Embassy in Afghanistan has denied to do any comment on Statement of Afghan President. Afghan President Karzai has also announced not to do Operation in Kandhar on objections of Public. From last few days Things are not well between West and Karzai Government and they are giving statement against each other.

Pak Army Biggest Exercises in two decades from 10 April

Pakistan army Biggest Exercises (Azme Nou) in last twenty years are starting from 10 April which will continue until 13th May. In these army Exercises more than 20000 troops will take part.

These are the biggest Exercises after the Exercises of 1989 Zarbe Momin. Pakistan army Spokesman Major General Athar Abbas given briefing to media about the Exercises yesterday. He said Pakistan wants peace but we also closely observing the situation and we will keep strategic power for the defence of Pakistan.

While telling about the details of Army Exercises (Azme Nou) he said these Exercises will take place in South Punjab and Sindh and Special forces will also be used. During Exercises cooperation of Air Force will also be available to army. He said these Exercises are not a signal for India but its a process of Training and we have also told it to India. In last two Years Pakistan army has not done any major Exercises while Indian army has done many Exercises so its a good step to do big Exercises now.

New Video of American Soldiers killing Iraqi Civilians

New Video of American Soldiers killing innocent Iraqi Civilians.

India to put 20000 more troops on Chinese Border

According to Indian Media report India has decided to put 20000 more troops on Chinese Border. Yesterday Security committee of Indian Government took the decision of shifting two mountain divisions near Chinese border. These two mountain divisions will be containing around 20000 troops.

Security committee of Indian Government has also decided to made street in Border areas near China to make army vehicles to move. According to Security Experts India has took the decision of sending 20000 more troops on Chinese Border to improve the security on border with China. The Chinese Indian border is 4000 kilometers long.

Photos of Indian army Brutality in occupied Kashmir

Following are some of the Photos of Indian army Brutality on the People of Kashmir. When Kashmiri struggles for their freedom and against Indian army terrorism they are declared terrorist but what Indian army is doing in below Photos what name you will give it? to watch a Photo in full size click it.

Exposing the Indian army

I have collected some Videos which i am going to share in this post. These videos shows the real face of Indian army and exposes their cowardness.

Karzai first blames and then calls himself Joker

Few days ago Afghan President Hamid Karzai claimed that Western and US Governments are trying to weaken his government and Nato Forces are converting into occupying forces for Afghan People.

After the speech of Hamid Karzai US officials showed their concerns on speech of Hamid Karzai. US Government official Robert Gibbs said that the comments of Hamid Karzai are really troubling and created concerns.

Yesterday Afghan President Hamid Karzai took a U-turn and talked with American american secretary of state Hillary Clinton and called his statements about Western and US Government a joke. This conversion continued for 25 minutes in which Karzai tried to explain his statement.

China will support Iran sanctions or not?

China will support Iran sanctions or not?

US don,t want Pak Iran Gas Pipeline Deal

United States has asked Pakistan to rethink about its Gas Pipeline deal with Iran. US Secretary of State Robert Blake has said that "we think its not correct time to do such transactions with Iran at this time". By doing this Gas Pipeline deal Pakistan will be able to reduce its energy problem but Americans are putting pressure on Pakistan for not doing this deal with Iran.

Few days ago Iranian Ambassador in Pakistan told in a press conference that we have offered Pakistan to provide more than 2000 Mega watt electricity at low rates but we are not getting any answer by Pakistan. the reason is clear why Pakistani Government is not buying electricity from Iran when its citizen are facing daily Load shading of 10 to 15 hours. The reason is American Pressure on Pakistani Government that bows down in every matter to Americans.

Naxalites Affected areas in india

Naxalites is an armed movement in India that is struggling for freedom. Below Photos explains Naxalites are spread in how many states of India. Red Color Districts are extremely effected that are 62 while moderately affected Districts are 53 that are in orange color while marginally affected Districts are 79 that are in Green color. Recently in attack Naxalites killed 20 Indian Security officers.

1/3 Females in US army are raped

This is the reality of those who talks about women rights and liberty and blames Muslims that you oppress women by keeping her in Hijab. According to a latest report issued by Pentagon Every third female in United States army is raped by the Fellow American soldiers. According to this report the rate of rapes of US females soldiers is even more higher in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to report in 2009 more than 3700 American female soldiers where raped by their fellow  American soldiers while most of rapes don,t gets reported. Some Females of American soldiers that are working in Afghanistan and US said that they are more likely to be raped by fellow Soldiers instead of being killed by Terrorists. Pentagon has decided to hire the more psychologists for the raped American female soldiers. This is the reality of those who keeps on shouting for Women rights.

Song about Pakistan Turkey Friendship

Turkish President Abdullah Gul is on Pakistan tour these days. Pakistan and Turkey are close friends and always helped each other. Following is an amazing Song about Pakistan Turkey Friendship.

Hindu Extremist unhappy on Shoaib Sania marriage

Hindu Extremist Groups of India like Shiv Sena, RSS, Bajrang Dal and BJP who keep on finding Anti Muslim and Anti Pakistan points to bright their politics have got another chance and this time target is Marriage of Cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian Tennis Start Sania Mirza. These Hindu Extremist groups are doing protest against Sania Mirza that why she is getting married to a Pakistani?

Chief of Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray has called Sania Mirza a traitor and asked her to leave India. Bajrang Dal has also done protest against Sania Mirza. This News is also not much appreciated in Indian Public. Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza are getting married on 11 of April this month and they will live in Dubai after marriage. This is personal matter of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik and both of them are Muslims as well so no one must have problem with this marriage.