Agendas of New Indian army Chief Gen Singh

Few days ago Former Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor has retired and Gen Singh has become new Army Chief of Indian army. Former Indian army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor and Present army Chieg Gen Singh where not having good relations and it also divided Indian army. This Division is still existing in the army and Gen Singh first agenda will be to end this division. New Indian army Chief Gen Singh is having these Basic agendas.

1 Ending the large number of Sex Scandals and Corruption in Indian army.
2 Ending the Land Scams like Sukna issue.
3 Overcoming the Inability of Indian army of fighting in night.
4 Messing with China through Afghanistan.
5 Ending the division In Indian army.
6 Countering Separatist movements In India Like Naxals that liked 80 Indian Soldiers within one attack few days ago.
7 Destabilizing Pakistan and tackling Pakistan army capabilities.
These are the basic agendas of New Indian Army Chief Gen Singh.