Biggest attack by Maoists Ever kills 73 Indian Security Man

Yesterday Morning More than 70 Indian Security Man where killed by biggest Ever attack done by Maoists Naxals in chhattisgarh India. Hundred of Naxals who where hiding behind Mountains done three attacks on Indian Security man and killed more than 70 Security man within few minutes. These Security man where coming back after doing search operation when Naxals started firing on them.

Indian Interior Minister Chidambaram has showed his sorrow on the incident. He talked to media in New Delhi and said too many killings has taken place and its very sad. Naxals has done this attack after the visit of Chidambaram to Chhattisgarh. The attack was so big that even Bulletproof cars where destroyed in the attack. Nexels armed Movement has spread in several States of India and Indian Prime Minister also declared it biggest Internal threat to India. Yesterday's attack by Naxals was biggest ever attack done by Naxals in India.