Can,t Forget Love of Pakistani People: Sikh Yatri

The Sikh Yatri that came to Pakistan from India to participate in Festival of Baisakhi has said that we cannot forget the Love we have got in Pakistan. Sikh Leader Swinder Singh said that the love and care we got by coming in Pakistan will never be forgotten by us. He said that the care of Sikh Yatri that is taken in recent years has no example in past and our Worship places are more save than before.

Thousands of Sikhs came to Pakistan every year from all around the world to visit their religious places. Many Sikhs where amazed that the Pakistan we have seen is very different from that is presented in Media. Few Months ago when 2 Pakistan Sikhs where killed in a attack India started Propaganda against Pakistan that Sikhs are not safe and happy in Pakistan. Is India forgotten what it did with Sikhs in 1984? Destroyed their most important religious places Golden Temple and killed thousands of Sikhs in operation.