Dr Israr Ahmed dies

One of the greatest Islamic Scholar and Thinker of our times Dr Israr Ahmed is died today morning in Model Town Lahore. He was born in 1932 and his age was 78 years. He worked really hard to bring Islamic Khilafat in Pakistan. As a youngster he took part in Movement of Pakistan. After making of Pakistan he joint Islami Jamiat Talba. He was one of the founder of Jamat Islami but he left the Jamat when Jamat Islami decided to take part in Politics. He was against Democracy due to which he left Jamat Islami. Later on he made Tanzeem Islami whoses purpose was to bring to Islami Khilafat in Pakistan.He delivered thousands of Islamic Lecture and appeared on Many TV Channels regularly. May Allah Swt forgive his sin and may his soul rest in peace.