Indian Army Martyred 10 Kashmiri,s

Indian army is continuing its State Terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and in a recent incident it has killed 10 Kashmiri People in Doda City of occupied Kashmir. Indian army attacked a market by claiming that Two Lashkar Taiba Mujahideen are inside but there where only Civilians.

Later on Local People told the media that there where no Mujahideen and Indian army has killed innocent people in the attack. Local People said that all the people killed where innocent and Indian army has killed them by doing a Fake Drama.

Indian army also killed two Youngsters in shopian City of occpied Kashmir. on other other hand Kashmiri leader Meervaiz Umar Farooq is arrested by Indian army. In last 20 years over 93000 innocent Kashmiri,s are killed In Indian army state terrorism.