Indian Secularism exposed again on Sania Shoaib issue

India which calls itself a Secular and Democratic country its Secularism and thinking is exposed once again. The News of Tennis Star Sania Mirza marriage with Cricketer Shoaib Malik is fallen like electric current on Indians. from India media to Politicians to common public everyone is targeting Sania Mirza just because she has decided to marry a Pakistani.

Indian News Channels are doing everything to defame Shoaib Malik and to broke this marriage. Some Hindu Extremist Political parties has also done protests against Sania Mirza.

Chief of Shiv Sena Bal Bal Thackeray She not found a man in Indian that she is marrying a Pakistani? Most of Indian Public is also not happy on Sania Mirza marriage with Shoaib Malik and they are abusing Sania Mirza on different Social Networking websites. My Question to Indians is what type of Secularism is it? a Muslim girl is marrying a Muslim boy by her own choice then why you are objecting?