Nato Forces Martyrs 4 Afghan Kids in Firing in Afghanistan

Nato Forces has killed 4 Afghan Kids in Afghan Province Khost in firing yesterday morning. Nato Forces fired on a Car in which 4 Kids where also sitting. Kids where killed on spot. All the Kids where Cousins of small ages. Suche incident of killing innocent people are increasing day by day by Nato Forces which is increasing hatred for Nato and US in Afghanistan. By such incidents Support for Afghan Taliban is also increasing.

On other hand one British Newspaper has claimed that Taliban Commander Mula Muhammad Umar is ready to do dialogues with US. Newspaper has also claimed that Mula Umar don,t want to rule anymore on Afghanistan but he also want Shariah and exit of Foreign Forces.Afghan Preident Hamid Karzai is going to US on 10th of May to discuss recent Afghanistan developments with American officials.