Next India Pakistan War can be on Water: Hafiz Saeed

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that next war between India as Pakistan can take place on the water issue. Hafiz Saeed said if Indian not stopped its Water Terrorism by making Dams on Pakistani Water a war can take place on this issue. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed was addressing in a conference held at Choubarji Lahore.

Hafiz Muhammad saeed said that India is making new Dams on Pakistani Rivers to divert the Pakistani Water towards India in occupied Kashmir. He also said that US and Nato are soon going from Afghanistan due to which India is really worried.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is also the Founder of Lashkar Taiba that was blamed by Indians for doing Mumbai attacks but Hafiz Saeed completely rejected this blame. India is also not able to provide any proof against Hafiz Saeed to Pakistan.