Pak Army Biggest Exercises in two decades from 10 April

Pakistan army Biggest Exercises (Azme Nou) in last twenty years are starting from 10 April which will continue until 13th May. In these army Exercises more than 20000 troops will take part.

These are the biggest Exercises after the Exercises of 1989 Zarbe Momin. Pakistan army Spokesman Major General Athar Abbas given briefing to media about the Exercises yesterday. He said Pakistan wants peace but we also closely observing the situation and we will keep strategic power for the defence of Pakistan.

While telling about the details of Army Exercises (Azme Nou) he said these Exercises will take place in South Punjab and Sindh and Special forces will also be used. During Exercises cooperation of Air Force will also be available to army. He said these Exercises are not a signal for India but its a process of Training and we have also told it to India. In last two Years Pakistan army has not done any major Exercises while Indian army has done many Exercises so its a good step to do big Exercises now.