We Will Continue to Support Israel: Hillary Clinton

American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that we will never stop supporting Israel and making sure the its Security. She Said America will stand with Israel and help it in every difficult condition. on the other hand American Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Molan we thinking about different options to stop the nuclear programs of Iran and attack on Iran will be the last option.

Israel has blamed Iran that Iran is a threat to whole world. on the other hand Nuclear Conference in Iran of two days is over in which it was demanded to take steps to make World free from Nuclear weapons. America is supporting Israel from the first day of its creation due to strong hold of Zionist Jews in America.

Zionist Jew Lobby is so much strong in US that even American President Barack Obama cannot go against it. America accepted Israel after 11 minutes of its creation and always supported Israeli terrorism on innocent people of Palestine. Barack obama who was a supporter of Free Palestine in his young age is also silent on Israeli terrorism and occupation on Palestine.