American Media Targeting Pakistan for Faisal Shahzad issue

Almost from a week when Fasil Shahzad was caught for attempt of Times Square Bombing American Media is doing trail of Pakistan.

American Media has launched Fake Propaganda against Pakistan that Fasil Shahzad got training in Pakistani Tribal areas and more attacks can takes places on US from terrorist that got training in Pakistan. There is no proof yet that where Fasil Shahzad got training and why he tried to do this attack? but American media has got soft target in shape of Pakistan.

An American Newspaper even connected Fasil Shahzad with Mumbai attackers.

on the other hand American Secretary of state Hillary Clinton has threatened of Strict action if such attacks took place again. Indian Media is also not behind American media and creating Fake stories from itself as it its habit against Pakistan. American officials have got a chance to pressurize Pakistan to start operation in North Waziristan.