Pro Indian Afghan Government Blames Pakistan for Attacks

Spokesman of Afghanistan Intelligence Saeed Ansari has blamed Pakistan's Intelligence agency ISI for Terror attacks in Afghanistan. Present Afghanistan Government is Pro Indian and India is heavily investing in Afghanistan for its benefits. Even the name of Afghan Intelligence agency Khad is changed to Rama on name of Hindu God Ram. Now the Afghan Government is blaming Pakistan on the orders of their masters.

Pakistan itself is facing bloodiest Terror attacks and fighting a war against terrorism so blaming Pakistan for such attacks in Afghanistan is nothing but nonsense. infect Pakistan has raised this question several times that what large number of Indian consulates are doing or Pak Afghan Border? Pakistan also caught Indian weapon from terrorists several times in Fata.

After reading the statement of Spokesman of Afghanistan Intelligence Saeed Ansari this famous Urdu saying came into my mind "Ulta Chor Kotval ko Dante" which means Thief blames the innocent instead of admitting his mistake.