TTP Threats Hafiz Saeed of killing

Tehreek Taliban Pakistan has threatened Jamat Ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed of killing. Interior Ministry Punjab has said that Hafiz Saeed is receiving Death Threats from Tehreek Taliban Pakistan and his Security must be increased. according to Interior Ministry Punjab some mysterious activities are also seen near house of Hafiz Saeed.

Tehreek Taliban Pakistan that is a Fake Taliban Group and funded by Indian Raw. it has also threatened in past all those Jihadi Leaders who supports Jihad In Kashmir but don,t involve in terrorist activities in Pakistan Like Syed Salahudin and Hafiz Saeed. The thing is clear they are doing it on the orders of their masters that are sitting in Afghanistan and supporting terror inside Pakistan. Pakistan army has also caught Indian Weapon several times from TTP terrorists that is given by Raw through Afghanistan.