Even Most of Bollywood Actors are against Indian Media

Indian Media that is famous for making Fake stories to increase their viewership specially against Pakistan is also not liked by much Indian Bollywood Stars. Bollywood Stars Like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Dia Mirza and Preity Zinta are strongly against Indian Media. These stars says that Indian Media makes fake Scandals and Fake stories about Bollywood Stars to increase their viewership.

Now you can imagine when most of Stars of a Country says that Indian Media make stories about them to increase their viewership then how can that media leave a Enemy Country? Indian media keeps on making Big fake stories against Pakistan, ISI and Pakistan Army.

This Behaviour of Indian Media only increases hatred between people of both countries. Indian Media is also not behind in making fake stories against Indian Muslims to declare them terrorists. you must have remembered the Case of Tauqeer Subhan Qureshi whom Indian media for months kept on declaring mastermind of terrorism in India but later on he was proved innocent.