Indian Media Biggest Liar of the World

Although there are many biased Medias all around the world that converts while into black and black into white and controls minds of public but if someone will ask me that which is the most biased media of the world? i will have no problem in saying that its Indian media. I will have no problem in calling Indian Media as biggest liar of the world.

Everyday you will find hundred baseless fake stories on India TV Channels and Newspapers against Pakistan and Muslims. In try to increase TRP which increases profit Indian Channels tries to do maximum Pakistan bashing. More Fake hot stories they makes against Pakistan the more viewers they get. Playing dangerous type of music with these fake news makes the news look even more hot.

 its common In Indian media to give such news that 5 Pakistani terrorist entered India, 6 Pakistani Taliban entered India,  Pakistan planning terrorist attacks on India, Pakistan helping the Taliban, Muslims are involved in terrorism in India, ISI making Plans of new terror attacks on India. Such news not just increase the profit of Indian Media but also increases hatred against Pakistan in heart of People of India.