Israel the biggest Terrorist of the World

Israel is biggest Terrorist of the world that has killed Million of Palestinians in last few decades and occupied their land. Israel keeps on shouting that we always attack Palestine because they do Rocket attacks on Israel. Do you know how many Israeli people are died in Rocket attacks in last one decade??? only Less than 20 while Israel has killed almost Millions of Palestinians.

Israel has expanded three times from its real size at time of its creation by occupying  Palestinians land which it is doing even today. It is the only Country that is expanding everyday by occupying Palestinians land. Now Millions of People of Gaza are living on land of few KM.

Countries like US which keeps on shouting about Peace and ending terrorism are not ready to take any step against Israeli terrorism. Even when any resolution comes in UN against Israel US always Veto it. Recently Israel attacked a Gaza Aid Fleet and killed more than 20 people but US not even condemn it.

suppose if any Muslim country would have done it what US and Nato would have done with him till now? US has given Nuclear Weapons to Israel but if Iran tries to make Nuclear weapons its wrong.

American President Barack Obama which in his student life was a supporter of free Palestine is not ready to take any step for freedom of Palestine today.