US Citizen Caught in Pakistan Came to Hunt Bin Laden

You will be really surprised to hear this Interesting news that Pakistani Authorities has caught a US Citizen on Pak-Afghan Border when he was trying to cross the Afghan Border. This man was on a private hunt for Al Qaeda Leader Usama Bin Laden. the name of this American Citizen is Gary Brooks and he is 52 years old. He lives in California state of US.

The man was trying to go to Afghan Province Nooristan by crossing the border when Border Security Forces arrested him. Weapons like Pistol and small sword are also caught by him. in initial Investigation the man has told that he is simply a American citizen and not connected to any American agency. He also told that he came to kill Usama Bin Laden because he has harmed many Americans. This man is now moved to Peshawar where more Investigation will be done from him that Whether he is speaking the truth or not?