Very High Security For FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

Biggest Sports Event FIFA World Cup that comes after every four years is taking place in South Africa this year. Millions of People Live in Grounds and on TV Channels watches FIFA World Cup. FIFA World Cup 2010 is starting from today 11th June 2010 in several different cities of South Africa. South Africa Authorities has provided very high security for the matches of FIFA World Cup 2010 for remaining save from any type  of terrorism.

Beside Al Qaeda there can be other Security Threats as well during FIFA World Cup. Few months ago 5 White South Africans where caught who where planning to do Terrorism during FIFA World Cup Matches. Billions of Dollars are spend on organizing FIFA World Cup 2010 including Security and South African Authorities says that they are fully prepared for any Situation. Hopefully FIFA World Cup 2010 will take place peacefully.