Why False Propaganda against ISI By West and India?

Inter Service Intelligence ISI is one of the finest and most famous Intelligence agency of the world but from last few years specially after Pakistan did Nuclear Tests it is under False Propaganda of  West and India.

Specially Indian Media Every week makes a Fake Story against ISI to give it a bad Image and to show it as a terrorist Intelligence agency. Their latest story is that a ISI Pigeon is caught from India that was spying for Pakistan. you would be thinking why West and Indians keeps on doing this False Propaganda against ISI?

ISI is the main lifeline of Pakistan's Security and it is alone successfully facing some of huge budget intelligence agencies like Raw, Mossad and CIA to Protect Pakistan and its Nuclear weapons. If ISI is controlled somehow by our enemies it will not take too long to destroy Pakistan.

This is why we keep on seeing False Propaganda against ISI by Western and Indian Media and Leaders. Americans also tried to bring ISI under control of Pakistani Foreign Ministry on which a Pro American Minister Rehman Malik is sitting but Government had to reverse their decision on Pakistan Army Pressure.