Wikileaks Docs an Excuse To Invade in Pakistan?

Wikileaks Docs an Excuse To Invade in Pakistan?

Afghanistan Becomes Biggest Drugs Growing Country

Before The Government of Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan the Country was growing lot of drugs but When The Taliban came in Government the stopped the Production of Drugs completely in Afghanistan. After 9/11 2010 the American and Nato Forces attacked Afghanistan after which Production of Drugs in Afghanistan started once again. Today in 2010 Afghanistan is on top in Growing the Drugs in the World.

 Through Neighbour Countries of Afghanistan these Drugs are smuggles and goes to whole world. in 2006 Afghanistan was growing 6100 Ton, in 2007 8200 Ton, in 2009 9300 Ton Drugs. Real Brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is himself a famous Drug Dealer and Karzai Government is earning a huge amount of Money with these Drugs.

Pakistan Responds Strongly To UK P.M Remarks

Pakistan has strongly responded to U.K Prime Minister David Cameron recent Statement in which he blamed Pakistan that Pakistan should not export the Terrorism. Foreign Ministry Spokesman of Pakistan Abdul Basit has said that Such Statement by U.K Prime Minister David Cameron is really disappointing and it has nothing to do with the reality.

Abdul Basit said that it looks like that David Cameron has given this statement due to recently published Wikileaks Documents. He said these Wikileaks Documents are not brought by any original sources but biased sources have published them. He said it is not even Raw Information against Pakistan but Baseless Information. 

He said that Pakistan has lost thousands of People and Soldiers in War on terror and even today we are fighting a war in our own land.  U.K Prime Minister is on Indian Tour where he has given Statement against Pakistan which can also be a try to Make India happy. According to Security Experts these Wikileaks Documents and David Cameron Statement is also a try to Pressurize Pakistan to start a new operation in North Waziristan.

General Hamid Gul on Leaked Wikileaks Docs about Afghan War

General Hamid Gul on Leaked Wikileaks Docs about Afghan War

ISI Blamed in the Leaked Wikileaks Docs

There is lot of Debate going on in International Media and Pakistan is once again Under attack after a famous American Website Wikileaks published thousands of Leaked Documents about Afghanistan war on Sunday. In these Documents Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI is also blamed for Supporting and Funding the Afghan Taliban to fight against Nato and American Forces in Afghanistan.

The Leaked Documents are based on almost 90000 Pages and they are on different Afghan War Issues. in the Documents Former Chief of ISI Hameed Gul is blamed for planning the attacks on Foreign Forces in Afghanistan in 2006.  In Leaked Documents American and Nato Forces are also blamed for the Killings of thousands of Afghan civilians in different attacks. Pakistani officials has rejected the report and called it baseless and against the reality.

152 Martyred in Air Blue Plane Crash Near Islamabad

On Wednesday Morning at around 10 AM a Private Plane of Air Blue Crashed near Pakistani Capital Islamabad in Margalla Hills and all 152 Passengers in the Plane died on the spot. The Plane was coming to Islamabad from Karachi and it was flew from Karachi at 8 AM. The Air Blue ABQ-202 came to Karachi From Turkey 9 hours ago.  Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that there is no Survivor in the Air Blue Plane Crash and we trying to recover the Dead Bodies from the Spot.

There where 152 People on the Plane among which 6 where Crew Members while 146 where Passengers. The Black Box of the Plane has also been recovered from the spot. The reason of the Crash has not been found out yet however some Experts are saying that High Rain and Rog around Islamabad can be the reason of this Crash.

Is Pakistan Next Target of US: Russia Today Program

Is Pakistan Next Target of US: Russia Today Program

Lashkar Taiba is Not A Threat For World: Sajid Mir

Leader of Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith and PML N Senator Sajid Mir has said that Lashkar Taiba is not an Global Threat but Real Threat for World are those that are Killing innocent People in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and Bosnia after occupying these lands.  He said is Lashkar Taiba doing Drone attacks on innocent Civilians? Everyone Knows who has destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan and killed Millions of Innocent People.

He said Why America is blind to see Indian Army serious Human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir?? and What Problem American have if Lashkar Taiba helps People of Kashmir against Indian Army State Terrorism?  Senator Sajid Mir also claimed that American eyes are on Pakistani Nuclear Weapons and American wants to take revenge of Defeat in Afghanistan From Pakistan.

50 Afghans Civilians Martyred in Nato Air strike

On Sunday More than 50 Afghans where Martyred and many where seriously injured in Nato Air Strikes in Afghanistan Province Helmand. Afghan Officials has claimed that Nato Jet Fighters attacked after Firing from Afghan Taliban on Nato Jet Fighters.Civilians Killings by Nato and US Forces are on rise from a year in Afghanistan and almost every week somewhere such incidents keeps on taking place.

on other hand Afghan Taliban has taken complete control of Afghan District Bargamtal  of Nuristan province after strong fights between Taliban and Afghan Police. Two American Soldiers that where kidnapped by Taliban from Kabul are not yet found and US and Nato troops are searching to find the Kidnapped Soldiers.

Treatment With Muslims in India is Not Good: Imam of Delhi Jamia Masjid

Imam of Delhi Jamia Masjid Abdullah Bukhari has said that Muslims are not treated well in India and discrimination against Muslims is continuing from last 63 years. He was giving a Interview to Kamran Shahid in Frontline in Delhi. He said Muslims are behind in every field of life Whether its Education, Employment or any other field. He said Thousands of Muslim Youngsters are arrested whenever any Terrorist attacks takes place anywhere.

He said India is Secular by just name and you will not find any Secular Party here. BJP, RSS and Congress all are same and all of them wants to keep Muslims behind in all fields of Life. He said Muslims have checked all these parties by giving votes but we not got our rights.

He said even after 63 years of Partition Muslims are considered traitors and responsible for the partition of the Country this is why they are treated badly. He said Muslims leaders where not responsible for the partition of India but it was Congress specially Pandit Nehru due to whom Pakistan was made.He said thousands of Muslims where killed in Gujrat and Assam and Killings are even continuing today in Kashmir by Army.  He also called for Peace between India and Pakistan and resolving all issues by dialogues

New Indian Army Major Scandal of 93 Million

New Indian Army Major Scandal of 93 Million

Strategic Approach of ISI Should Be Changed: US

Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI always remains under blames from US and Indian officials and Media. This time its Chief of American Army Admiral Mike Mullen who has given a Statement against ISI in which he has said that Strategic Approach of ISI Should Be Changed. He said we don,t think that all officials of ISI works under Pakistani Government and we have concerns about some of its departments.

 Admiral Mike Mullen also Claimed Network of Lashkar Taiba is expanding to Western Countries and this Group has a Global Agenda so Pakistan should take Strict action against Let.On The Question of Hillary Clinton Statement about Mullah Umar and Osama Bin Laden Presence in Pakistan he said i also think that both of them are in Pakistan. While Talking about Haqqani Network he said this group is involve in attacks on American and Nato Forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan should take action against it.

Pakistan Not Done Enough For Peace in Afghanistan: Holbrooke

American Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke has once again blamed Pakistan that Pakistan has not done enough to bring peace into Afghanistan. While Talking to Media in UK on Thursday  Holbrooke said that Haqqani Network is a big threat to Afghanistan and Pakistan should do operation against this Group in North Waziristan.

Different American officials are Pressurizing Pakistan from a long time to launch a new operation in in North Waziristan but Pakistan has refused to launch a new operation by saying that we will not do any operation on Foreign dictation and against Our national Interests. On Friday 16 People where also killed in a American drone attack in North Waziristan.

Pakistan Defeats Australia in a Test Match After 15 Years

Pakistan Defeats Australia in a Test Match After 15 Years

Another New Example of Discrimination of Muslims In India

Real Face of So-called Secular Indian State has been exposed once again for the Discrimination of Minorities specially the Muslims. Large Number of Government owned Indian Bank are accused of not allowing Muslims to open Bank Accounts. According to Indian Minorities Watchdog they have received thousands of Complaints from the Muslim Community that they are not allowed to open New Bank accounts in Many Government Owned Banks.

When Some Bankers where asked about it they said  it is not due to Religious reasons but poor economic conditions of Muslims due to which it is difficult for them to get the Banking facilities. Almost 100% increase has been seen in last one year in Complaints of Muslims regarding not allowing them to open new Bank accounts. Indian Muslim Community is the poorest as compare to all other Communities of India and they are far behind in every field of life except Showbiz.

kids of Gaza Makes Basketball World Record

kids of Gaza Makes Basketball World Record

Javed Hashmi's Health Is Improving Now

Pakistani Political System that is full of Corrupt Politicians is having very few names that are not corrupt or involve in bad activities and Makhdoom Javed Hashmi is the leading person in this list of Good Politicians.Three days ago Javed Hashmi suffered from Brain Hemorrhage after which he was shifted to Lahore from Multan.

But the good news is that Javed Hashmi health is better now and according to Doctors there is no need of his operation now. He will be kept in ICU for few days after which he will be released from Hospital. Javed Hashmi is MNA of Pakistan Muslim League and he won three record seats in Elections of 2007. During Pervez Musharraf Government he was kept in Jail for Five years.

General Kayani Gets Extension of 3 Years By Prime Minister

Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has got Extension of three years in his Service by Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Geelani. General Kayani was retiring on 29th November 2010 but Government decided to give him Extension of 3 Years because Pakistan is fighting a war in its own territory at the moment so changing the Army Chief at this time will not be a good decision.

After  Pervez Musharraf General Kayani handled the things very well and played major role in improving the image of Army in the Public. Under him the Swat and South Waziristan operations where also done successfully. Now He will remain Pakistan's army Chief until 29th November 2013. This is for the first time that a Civilian Government has given Extension to a Army Chief.

Pakistan Air Force JF-17 Thunder Jet in UK Airshow 2010

Pakistan Air Force JF-17 Thunder Jet in UK Airshow 2010

Exit From Afghanistan is on Conditions not Time: Nato

Nato Secretary General Fogh Rasmussen has said that Exit from Afghanistan is on Conditions of Afghanistan not on time. He said Exit from Afghanistan can only be done when Afghan Security Forces will be able to take Responsibilities of Afghanistan Security. He said hopefully Afghan Security Forces will be able to do it until 2014.

American secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that Exit from Afghanistan will start from July 2010 but it does not mean that we will leave Afghanistan completely. on other hand Afghan Taliban has said that US and Nato Forces are defeated in Afghanistan and the can,t even win in 10 more years. They said US and Nato has a Vague and terrible agenda in Afghanistan.

Krishna Not Happy With Pillai Statement About ISI

Indian Foreign Minister S.M Krishna has slammed Indian Home Secretary Bureaucrat G K Pillai for giving statement against Pakistan's Intelligence agency ISI that it played role in 26/11 Mumbai attacks on this Wednesday. G K Pillai given statement against ISI the same day when S.M Krishna visited Pakistan.

Last week When S.M Krishna came to Pakistan for talks the statement by G K Pillai against ISI created tension in these talks and S.M Krishna went back to India without any developments. Now India has invited Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to visit India.

India Blames Pakistan to Support Khalistan in Indian Punjab

Indian Police Chief of Indian Punjab P.S. Gill has said on this Friday in a Press Conference that Pakistani Intelligence Agency (ISI) is supporting the Khalistan Movement in Indian Punjab. While Talking to Media in Amritsar he said that ISI is helping Khalistan Movement Terrorists  to penetrate  in East of Punjab.

He also claimed that Terrorists are getting Millions of Rupees and weapons from ISI and they have also got training of making Bombs from ISI. Khalistan Movement was started in early 80's in Indian Punjab to make a separate state after Indian army done massive killings of Sikhs. Indian Army also destroyed the most sacred religious place of Sikhs the Golden temple in a operation.

Pakistan Accepted Transit Trade Deal Under US Pressure

Corrupt and US Puppet Government of Pakistan has once again taken another decision against the interest of Pakistan on US Pressure by accepting the Afghanistan India Transit Trade Deal. The Nuclear Pakistan is once again accepted defeat from US by giving India path to go to Afghanistan to sale its products.

 This Transit Trade will increase the sale of Indian products and will harm Pakistani economy badly. That India which is not giving Pakistan path to do trade with Tibat and Nepal has got a path to trade with Afghanistan for free. This deal will also increase the smuggling that will also effect the Pakistani economy. Indian Raw is doing terror through Afghan Border in Balochistan and Fata Areas while instead of demanding to end these terror activities in Pakistan through Afghan Border we are allowing them to trade freely by using our path.

Syed Ali Geelani is Kept in cage by Indian Government

After recent Protests in occupied Kashmir and Killings of innocent Kashmiris by Indian Forces many Kashmiri leaders are caught by Indian Government. Indian Government has kept Kashmiri Hurriyet leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani in a cage after arresting him and is treating him very badly. Lawyers of Syed Ali Geelani told the Court of Srinagar on Saturday that 80 Year old Syed Ali Geelani is kept in a Cage by Indian Government and he is treated very badly.

Lawyers of Syed Ali Geelani has challenged his arrest and demanded to free him from Cage. on other hand Indian Army has killed one more innocent Kashmiri youngster in Kishtwar area of occupied Kashmir. in some areas clashes between Kashmiri Mujahideen and Indian army has also took place.

Transit Trade Agreement will be Harmful For Pakistan: Economic Experts

Different Economic Experts of Pakistan has declared the Transit Trade Agreement with Afghanistan harmful for National interests of Pakistan. according to Transit Trade Agreement Pakistan territory will be used for trade between India and Afghanistan. Economic Experts has said that it will have really bad impact on the Economy of Pakistan and India will gain from.

Former Finance Minister Sartaj Aziz has said that this agreement is done on American Pressure and it will not benefit Pakistan in any case. Former Finance Minister of Musharraf Government Salman Shah has said that India will gain from this agreement and it will increase smuggling very much.

Another Economic Gohar Ayob Khan said that India is not ready to give us way for trade with Nepal and Tibat then why we are allowing India to trade with Afghanistan? Some Security Experts has even said that India will send Weapons to Afghanistan through this agreement that will be used against Pakistan through Afghan Border.

Interview of British Journalist Yvonne Ridley

Interview of British Journalist Yvonne Ridley

Record Rate of Suicides in American Soldiers

The Rate of Suicides is reached at a high record in American Soldiers that are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the last month of June the average of Suicides in American soldiers was one Suicide per day. US Army statistics says that 32 American soldiers done Suicide in last month of June in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2009 more than 244 American soldiers done Suicides.  According to Psychologists Soldiers are doing Suicides due to War Fear and Tension that they are facing. One reasons of Suicides is renewed deployments and prolonged tours of duty as well More than 140,000 US Soldiers are Present in Afghanistan while thousands of more soldiers are coming in next few weeks to Afghanistan.

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India Was Not Prepared For Dialogues Mentally: Foreign Minister

 Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that India was not Mentally prepared for the Dialogues with Pakistan due to which we are not able to get any  positive outcome of the talks. He done a press conference on Friday where he told some hidden stories.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Indian Foreign Minister S.M Karishna was constantly taking directions on Phone from New Delhi and everything changed overnight. He also said that we want peaceful relations with India but we cannot remain silent on serious Human Rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir. According to Different Security Experts as well India is not serious for Dialogues. According to Former DG ISI General Rt Hameed Gul India is coming towards Dialogues slowly after watching American defeat in Afghanistan.

General Kayani to Get Two Year Extension

According to Different Reports of Pakistani Media President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has agreed to give two year Extension to Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Perve Kayani which can be even extended to two years.  The official announcement about Extension of General Kayani will be made in next three days.

Army Chief has also met President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Geelani on Friday where issue of his  Extension was also discussed. Few days ago all Core Commanders also got agreed on Extension of General Kayani. Few months ago ISI Chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha also got extension of one year in his service. The reason behind these Extensions is present situation in the region.General Kayani will be the first Army Chief of Pakistan that is getting a Extension in his service by the Government.

First 24/7 TV Channel of Afghanistan

First 24/7 TV Channel of Afghanistan

Allegations against ISI for 26/11 are Baseless: Pakistan

Pakistan has rejected Indian Blames against Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) for involvement in 26/11 Mumbai attacks by calling them completely Baseless.

Information Minister of Pakistan Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Thursday in Media Talk that Indian Blames on ISI are baseless and based on assumptions. He said there is no proof that ISI is involved in any terrorist activity against India and it works for national interest of Pakistan.

He also said that when  Foreign Minister of two countries are meeting in Islamabad an thinking to start Peace Talks in such Situation such blames should not be made. He said Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism in the region and we are facing a Mumbai attack every week.

Militants Entering From Afghanistan Into Pakistan For Bombings

Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik has said on this Wednesday that Nato Forces are not doing their Job for stopping Terrorists from Entering into Pakistan from Afghanistan for doing Terrorism. Rehman Malik said while talking with BBC that Terrorists that done attack in  Mohmand Agency killing over 100 people where came from Afghanistan.

This Attack was one of the deadliest in Pakistani 2010 in which 110 People where killed and hundreds where badly injured. Rehman Malik told BBC that he has strong intelligence information that these Terrorist entered from Afghanistan into Pakistan for this terrorist attack. Rehman Malik demanded Afghan Government and Nato Forces to stop infiltration from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

Pakistani Media is Free or US Media?

Pakistani Media is Free or US Media?

US Asks Pakistan to Take Action against Haqqani Group

United States has once again asked Pakistan to do more and this time their demand is to do operation against Haqqani Network in North Waziristan. The American Consul General in Peshawar Putnam Candace has said that US wants Pakistan to take action against the Haqqani Network. He said Pakistan should start new army operation in North Waziristan against Taliban of Haqqani Network.

 Putnam Candace done a News Conference on Tuesday in Peshawar in which he done this new demand of Army Operation.  Pakistani officials has cleared that we will not do any operation on Dictation of anyone and whatever operation Pakistan will do it will be done after watching the national Interest of Pakistan. Haqqani Network is one of the biggest group that is fighting in Afghanistan against US and Nato Forces and it has killed many US and Nato Soldiers in War.

Indian Government Takes Action against Facebook Users in Kashmir

We Earlier informed you that Pakistani News Channels are closed down in occupied Kashmir by Indian Government this Sunday while SMS service was already stopped last week. Newspapers in Occupied Kashmir  also stopped Production as a protest against Indian army Terror. Now Indian Government has started taking Action against Social Networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Orkut Users as well.

In  Present Situation perhaps Social Networking sites where the only option left for reaching the World and provide information about Situation of Occupied Kashmir. Some Social Networking sites users from occupied Kashmir where uploading Photos and Videos of Indian Forces Terrorism against innocent people of Kashmir on these sites. Indian Government has now started taking action against Social Networking sites users and arrested many youngsters.

A Song about Kashmiris Struggle for Freedom from India

 A Song about Kashmiris Struggle for Freedom from India


Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Increasing

According to New Afghan Study More than One thousand Innocent Afghan Civilians have been killed in last six months by American and Nato Forces in different parts of Afghanistan. Afghanistan Rights Monitor has claimed that from January to June that are six months over one thousands innocent Afghan Civilians including many Women and Children are killed by Nato Forces.

These innocent Killings are increasing the hatred against American and Nato Forces in Afghanistan and increasing the support for Afghan Taliban which is increasing the problems for American and Nato Forces.  Last week a big protest also took place in Kabul against these Civilian Casualties in which people raised slogans against America. Large Number of innocent  people that are killed where targeted in Air Strikes.

Indian Army Chief Admits Failure in Occupied Kashmir

Indian Army Chief General V K Singh has admitted that Indian army has failed in Occupied Kashmir to build on the gains. General V K Singh was giving a Interview to Indian News Channel IBN in which he admitted that Indian Security Forces has made  Kashmir a troubled state and we are not able to win the hearts of people of Kashmir.

Indian Army Chief also criticized imposing Curfew in few areas of Kashmir by saying that if you want to impose Curfew it must be imposed in whole Kashmir. Few days ago in another Interview General V K Singh called for a political solution of Kashmir by doing dialogues with Pakistan and Kashmiri's. From last month situation in Occupied Kashmir is really tense and Protests are taking place in different parts overt Killings of Innocent Kashmiri's by Indian Security Forces.

New Era of Pakistani Province Balochistan in 1948

New Era of Pakistani Province Balochistan in 1948

Army and ISI Bashing without Evidence is Wrong: FM Qureshi

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that Pakistan army and ISI Bashing without any Evidence is Unacceptable. Western and Indian Media keeps on blaming Pakistan army and Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) without any Evidences.

Some recent blames on Pak Army and ISI by Western and Indian Media without proofs where of Supporting Terrorism, Funding Afghan Taliban, Keeping Afghan Taliban Leaders in Pakistan, Playing role in 26/11 attacks.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi was answering these allegations on Pak Army and ISI during a Media Talk. Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that ISI works for the Benefits of Pakistan and it must not be blamed without any Evidences. He also said that we will do any operation according to interest of Pakistan not on Dictations of anyone.

Pakistani News Channels Closed Down in Occupied Kashmir

From last few weeks Occupied Kashmir is once again in news for huge Protests over Indian Army terrorism against innocent people of Kashmir. Last week More than 20 Protesters where killed in different parts of occupied Kashmir by Indian Forces after which Indian Government imposed Curfew to stop more Protests. Yesterday after Curfew was lifted in some parts of occupied Kashmir the protests in some took place once again.

Now Indian Government has ordered the Authorities to Close down the Pakistani News Channels in Occupied Kashmir. Authorities have told all the Cable operators oto close the News Channels and Religious Channels of Pakistan that are having huge viewership in occupied Kashmir.

The Channels that are closed down are PTV, Geo News, Aaj News, Dawn News, Express News and Noor TV. After this Step of Indian Government they so called Democracy of India is exposed once again. on one hand they are doing State Terrorism against innocent people of occupied Kashmir and on other hand they even can,t see the TV Channels they wants to see.

JUD Chief Hafiz Saeed First On Camera Interview

Jamat Ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed First On Camera Interview to Geo News about Suicide attacks in Pakistan.


Blames on ISI are Wrong: Rehman Malik

Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik has said that Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) is not helping Afghan Taliban and Blames against it are completely wrong. Rehman Malik said that Mullah Umar and Usama Bin Laden are not in Pakistan but in Afghanistan. Rehman Malik was answering to recent blames on ISI by Western Media and some US officials.

Rehman Malik said that  we have also talked with American officials about Brahamdagh Bugti who is sitting in Afghanistan and we have shown our concerns about his activities. Rehman Malik said that we have demanded America to hand over Dr Aafia Sdiqqi to Pakistan and we are hopeful for good news about it soon.

Amnesty International Shows Concern on Indian Brutalities in Kashmir

The Famous London Based Human Rights Organization Amnesty International has shown its serious concern on Indian Army Brutalities and serious Human Rights Violations in Occupied Kashmir. Amnesty International has also condemned Indian Army Brutalities recently on Protesters in Occupied Kashmir.

Amnesty International has issued a Statement from London Wednesday in which it has demanded Indian Authorities to not use excessive force in Occupied Kashmir on Protesters. The Statement has also said that 20 Protesters including Kids are killed by Indian Forces. Amnesty International has demanded Justice for all those who are killed. The Statement has also mentioned in details about the killings of Protesters.

Aggressive Spy Battles Between ISI and CIA

Aggressive Spy Battles Between ISI and CIA

More Indian Troops Sent to Sri Nagar

Indian Government has sent 1000 additional troops to Capital of Occupied Kashmir Sri Nagar to stop huge Anti India Protests. Many Protesters have killed by Indian Army and Police in last few days in different areas of Occupied Kashmir that are increasing the heat even more.

From last month Big protests are taking place in different parts of Occupied Kashmir against Indian Army Killings of Innocent Kashmiri's. On this Wednesday a huge Protest took place in heart of Sri Nagar in which People raised the slogan "India Teri Mout Aai" Lashkar Aai Lashkar Aai". Police arrested many protesters and Kashmiri Leaders to stop the protest.

Foreign Powers doing Terrorism in Pakistan: ISI Chief

Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) Chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha has said that Foreign Powers are involved in terrorism inside Pakistan. ISI Chief said that our Policy to solve the problem of terrorism should be according to our national interest. He said Foreign Powers are trying to Destabilize the Pakistan for which they are doing terrorist activities.

ISI Chief Pasha said this in briefing of National Security Committee that was headed by the People Party Senator Raza Rabbani. He said we are looking to make the policy about terrorism in accordance with National interest. Many Members of National Security Committee demanded many changes in National Policy towards the terrorism.

0% Chance of US Win in Afghanistan: Ron Paul

0% Chance of US Win in Afghanistan: Ron Paul


Pakistan and China to Make Even More Stronger Relations

President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari is on China's tour from Thursday where he is meeting different Chinese officials to improve the relations between Pakistan and China. On Wednesday Asif Zardari met Chinese President Hu Jintao to improve to security cooperation and Economic issues between both the friend Countries.

Chinese President said that China gives great importance to role of Pakistan in the region and we will increase our relations with Pakistan in all sectors. President Asif Zardari also welcomes Chinese firms to do investment in different sectors of Pakistan. Last Month Pakistan's army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani also done a important visit to China.

Hafiz Saeed: Suicide Bombings in Pakistan are Haram

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that doing Suicide attacks in Pakistan is completely Haram according to Islamic Guidelines. Hafiz Saeed given a interview to Geo News on Thursday in which he said that Jamat ud dawa is against terrorism of any kind and Islam don,t allow killings of innocent Humans.

He said that the elements that are behind the Suicide attacks in Pakistan should be hanged. He also said that Foreign agencies are trying to create the religious discord inside Pakistan and we will have to face Enemies Conspiracy by uniting. On Question of Jamat ud Dawa Involvement in terrorism in India he said we are ready to go in any Court of the word and we challenge that India cannot bring any proof against US. When he was asked about doing dialogues with Taliban he said if Americans can do dialogues with Taliban we can,t we?

Welcome Message by Taliban for New US Commander

Welcome Message by Afghan Taliban for New US Commander Gen. Petraeus

American Sources Claims Mullah Omar is Arrested by ISI

American Media and officials which keeps on giving different statements about Afghanistan, Pakistan, ISI and later on these Claims proves to be wrong mostly has now done another big Claim which also not seems to be very true. The Claim is made by famous American new Blog Brad Thor that Number one Afghan Taliban Leader Mullah Muhammad Omar has been arrested by Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI from Karachi in month of March.

The Blog has claimed that Mula Umar is kept in house arrest and this house has been given name of "Community Care". Pakistani officials has rejected this report and called it baseless. Before this American Secretary of state Hillary Clinton said that some Pakistani officials know that where Usama Bin Laden and Mula Umar are? Last week LSC made another claimed that ISI is funding the Afghan Taliban to fight in Afghanistan.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are Real Brothers

Pakistan and Afghanistan are two countries that are very closer to each other from old times. It will not be wrong if we call Pakistan and Afghanistan as real brothers because both the countries has many things similar in them. Population of Pakistani province Pakhtunkhwa is Pashtun which most of the Afghanistan Population is as well. Most of Wheat and many other thing of daily use goes from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Even Pakistani Currency is acceptable in many parts of Afghanistan.

Two Million Afghan Refugees are living in Pakistan from twenty years and many Afghans comes to Pakistan to earn money. During the Afghan Russia war as well Pakistan fully supported Afghanistan due to which Russia lost the war in Afghanistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan has joint Border of hundreds of Kilometers. Even now Pakistan has major role in stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan has offered to play its role for this purpose.

Sathiyo Mujahido Pakistan Army Song

Sathiyo Mujahido Pakistan Army Song

President Zardari Calls Quaid Azam a Non Graduate

Pakistani Corrupt President Asif Ali Zardari has once again given a shameless statement and this time his target was Founder of Pakistan Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In a Speech on PTV in defend of Fake Degree Holders President Asif Ali Zardari said that Quaid Azam was also a Non Graduate. Later on this part of the speech was Censored and was not shown on PTV.

These days many Parliamentarians are disqualified for having Fake Degrees of Graduation by Courts due to which Government looks really unhappy. Asif Zardari was also trying to defend his Fake Degree Holder Parliamentarians when he given this Shameless statement against Quaid Azam.

Capt Nasir Shaheed of Pakistan Army in Kargil War 1999

Capt Nasir Shaheed of Pakistan Army in Kargil War 1999

Pakistan will train Afghan Troops

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has got agreed to send Afghan military officers to Pakistan for purpose of getting training. Its a sign of significant policy shift which will improve relations between both the neighbors. Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai that is known as a Pro Indian Person is changing his tune towards Pakistan and in return He wants help of Pakistan for improving conditions in Afghanistan.

Now Afghan officials and Karzai are seeing Pakistan as an necessary ally for ending fight in Afghanistan after doing negotiation with the Afghan Taliban. Recently Pakistan's Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has also met Hamid Karzai and according to General Kayani it was a Positive meeting.

Gen. Petraeus Reaches Afghanistan as New Commander

American General. David Petraeus has reached Afghanistan as the new Army Commander in Afghanistan this Friday. After Resign of General Mcchrystal due to his statements against American officials General. David Petraeus is made new Army Commander in Afghanistan by American President Barack Obama.

General. David Petraeus has said after taking Responsibility of New Commander that we will not let Taliban get stronger. He also called for unity in the civilian and military efforts to change conditions in Afghanistan. General. David Petraeus has taken over in Afghanistan when the Violence and killings of Foreign Forces are increasing.

CCTV Footage of Lahore Data Darbaar Incident

CCTV Footage of Lahore Data Darbaar Incident

Peace in Pakistan connected with Afghanistan

Pakistan was once again under target when two Suicide Bombers attacked in Data Darbaar Shrine on Thursday in Lahore at evening killing more than 40 people and hundreds where injured. Pakistan has faced many deadly attacks in last few months in which thousands of Pakistani's have lost their lives. Every time when a attack takes place the discussions about how to bring Peace in Pakistan get started.

The Peace in Pakistan is directly linked with Peace in Afghanistan. The TTP elements that are doing Suicide attacks in Pakistan are getting funds and weapons through Afghan border from Indian Intelligence agency Raw. Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said several times that Raw is funding these TTP elements through Afghan Border. 

Indian Intelligence agency Raw is operating in Afghanistan under American umbrella. So until American and Indian Presence remains in Afghanistan Pakistan will have to face such terror attacks. Afghan Taliban whose Commander is Mula Umar has never attacked Pakistan and they are also against Indians. But TTP elements are getting support from Raw and attacking cities of Pakistan.

India Lies about Kashmir Protests

Protest are continuing in different cities of Occupied Kashmir over recent Civilian killings by Indian Army in State terrorism. in last few days over 20 Kashmiri's where killed by Indian Army in different Areas which increased the anger in occupied Kashmir once again and massive Protests took place in different areas of Kashmir. Watching this situation India Government imposed Curfew in most parts of occupied Kashmir.

But the most Interesting thing is that the Indian Government started blaming Lashkar Taiba for these massive Protests in occupied Kashmir to hide its dirty face. Indian Government forgot that their Army is involved in continuous Killings of Kashmiri Civilians due to which People of Kashmir are doing Protests against them what Lashkar Taliba has to do with this all? Indian Government has actually tried to convert the blame on Lashkar Taiban to hide its dirty acts against innocent people of Kashmir

World War 3 Scenario if Iran is attacked

World War 3 Scenario if Iran is attacked

30 Nato & Afghan Soldiers Killed by Afghan Taliban

Yesterday on Wednesday 30 June 2010 Afghan Taliban launched a big attack on Jalalabad Airbase and killed more than 30 Nato and Afghan Soldiers. Many Suicide Bombers and Heavily armed Taliban attacked at morning. 8 Suicide Bombers where also killed by Nato and Afghan Forces. A Suicide Bomber crashed a car full of explosive material with entering gate of Jalalabad Airbase and later on other Taliban attacked inside the Airbase.

The Fight continued for half hour in which over 30 Nato and Afghan Forces where killed. Afghan Taliban Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has taken the Responsibility of the attack. Last month has proved very deadly for Nato Forces in Afghanistan and hundreds of American and Nato soldiers are killed in month of June.