Hafiz Saeed: Suicide Bombings in Pakistan are Haram

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that doing Suicide attacks in Pakistan is completely Haram according to Islamic Guidelines. Hafiz Saeed given a interview to Geo News on Thursday in which he said that Jamat ud dawa is against terrorism of any kind and Islam don,t allow killings of innocent Humans.

He said that the elements that are behind the Suicide attacks in Pakistan should be hanged. He also said that Foreign agencies are trying to create the religious discord inside Pakistan and we will have to face Enemies Conspiracy by uniting. On Question of Jamat ud Dawa Involvement in terrorism in India he said we are ready to go in any Court of the word and we challenge that India cannot bring any proof against US. When he was asked about doing dialogues with Taliban he said if Americans can do dialogues with Taliban we can,t we?