India Lies about Kashmir Protests

Protest are continuing in different cities of Occupied Kashmir over recent Civilian killings by Indian Army in State terrorism. in last few days over 20 Kashmiri's where killed by Indian Army in different Areas which increased the anger in occupied Kashmir once again and massive Protests took place in different areas of Kashmir. Watching this situation India Government imposed Curfew in most parts of occupied Kashmir.

But the most Interesting thing is that the Indian Government started blaming Lashkar Taiba for these massive Protests in occupied Kashmir to hide its dirty face. Indian Government forgot that their Army is involved in continuous Killings of Kashmiri Civilians due to which People of Kashmir are doing Protests against them what Lashkar Taliba has to do with this all? Indian Government has actually tried to convert the blame on Lashkar Taiban to hide its dirty acts against innocent people of Kashmir