Pak Govt and Parents Need to Take Steps against Wrong Use of Internet

According to latest statistics issued by famous Search Engine Google Pakistan is one of top country where uncharacteristic websites are being watched. Those who watches such websites are mostly Youngsters of 18 to 30 years. According to another Report 87% use of Net Cafes in Pakistan is also wrong and most of Youngsters goes their to watch uncharacteristic websites. This is not only a shameful but also a alarming situation for all of us and if we not taken steps on this issue then nobody can save our society from more destruction.

According to me two main responsible parties for this situation are Government and Parents. Government is taking no steps to block such uncharacteristic websites while such sites are blocked in many countries around the world. then why they are not blocked in Pakistan? Government takes no long time to close down the sites they thinks that are against them but they are not taking steps against such uncharacteristic websites.

The second responsible party are Parents of kids according to me. They don,t keep eye what their Child is searching on the Internet. they should keep a check that what their Child is surfing online? Check Browser history of their Computers and also Install different filers to block wrong sites.

If no steps will be taken again then it will take very less time for destruction of our next Generation.