Pakistan Responds Strongly To UK P.M Remarks

Pakistan has strongly responded to U.K Prime Minister David Cameron recent Statement in which he blamed Pakistan that Pakistan should not export the Terrorism. Foreign Ministry Spokesman of Pakistan Abdul Basit has said that Such Statement by U.K Prime Minister David Cameron is really disappointing and it has nothing to do with the reality.

Abdul Basit said that it looks like that David Cameron has given this statement due to recently published Wikileaks Documents. He said these Wikileaks Documents are not brought by any original sources but biased sources have published them. He said it is not even Raw Information against Pakistan but Baseless Information. 

He said that Pakistan has lost thousands of People and Soldiers in War on terror and even today we are fighting a war in our own land.  U.K Prime Minister is on Indian Tour where he has given Statement against Pakistan which can also be a try to Make India happy. According to Security Experts these Wikileaks Documents and David Cameron Statement is also a try to Pressurize Pakistan to start a new operation in North Waziristan.