Pakistani News Channels Closed Down in Occupied Kashmir

From last few weeks Occupied Kashmir is once again in news for huge Protests over Indian Army terrorism against innocent people of Kashmir. Last week More than 20 Protesters where killed in different parts of occupied Kashmir by Indian Forces after which Indian Government imposed Curfew to stop more Protests. Yesterday after Curfew was lifted in some parts of occupied Kashmir the protests in some took place once again.

Now Indian Government has ordered the Authorities to Close down the Pakistani News Channels in Occupied Kashmir. Authorities have told all the Cable operators oto close the News Channels and Religious Channels of Pakistan that are having huge viewership in occupied Kashmir.

The Channels that are closed down are PTV, Geo News, Aaj News, Dawn News, Express News and Noor TV. After this Step of Indian Government they so called Democracy of India is exposed once again. on one hand they are doing State Terrorism against innocent people of occupied Kashmir and on other hand they even can,t see the TV Channels they wants to see.