Peace in Pakistan connected with Afghanistan

Pakistan was once again under target when two Suicide Bombers attacked in Data Darbaar Shrine on Thursday in Lahore at evening killing more than 40 people and hundreds where injured. Pakistan has faced many deadly attacks in last few months in which thousands of Pakistani's have lost their lives. Every time when a attack takes place the discussions about how to bring Peace in Pakistan get started.

The Peace in Pakistan is directly linked with Peace in Afghanistan. The TTP elements that are doing Suicide attacks in Pakistan are getting funds and weapons through Afghan border from Indian Intelligence agency Raw. Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said several times that Raw is funding these TTP elements through Afghan Border. 

Indian Intelligence agency Raw is operating in Afghanistan under American umbrella. So until American and Indian Presence remains in Afghanistan Pakistan will have to face such terror attacks. Afghan Taliban whose Commander is Mula Umar has never attacked Pakistan and they are also against Indians. But TTP elements are getting support from Raw and attacking cities of Pakistan.