Transit Trade Agreement will be Harmful For Pakistan: Economic Experts

Different Economic Experts of Pakistan has declared the Transit Trade Agreement with Afghanistan harmful for National interests of Pakistan. according to Transit Trade Agreement Pakistan territory will be used for trade between India and Afghanistan. Economic Experts has said that it will have really bad impact on the Economy of Pakistan and India will gain from.

Former Finance Minister Sartaj Aziz has said that this agreement is done on American Pressure and it will not benefit Pakistan in any case. Former Finance Minister of Musharraf Government Salman Shah has said that India will gain from this agreement and it will increase smuggling very much.

Another Economic Gohar Ayob Khan said that India is not ready to give us way for trade with Nepal and Tibat then why we are allowing India to trade with Afghanistan? Some Security Experts has even said that India will send Weapons to Afghanistan through this agreement that will be used against Pakistan through Afghan Border.