Treatment With Muslims in India is Not Good: Imam of Delhi Jamia Masjid

Imam of Delhi Jamia Masjid Abdullah Bukhari has said that Muslims are not treated well in India and discrimination against Muslims is continuing from last 63 years. He was giving a Interview to Kamran Shahid in Frontline in Delhi. He said Muslims are behind in every field of life Whether its Education, Employment or any other field. He said Thousands of Muslim Youngsters are arrested whenever any Terrorist attacks takes place anywhere.

He said India is Secular by just name and you will not find any Secular Party here. BJP, RSS and Congress all are same and all of them wants to keep Muslims behind in all fields of Life. He said Muslims have checked all these parties by giving votes but we not got our rights.

He said even after 63 years of Partition Muslims are considered traitors and responsible for the partition of the Country this is why they are treated badly. He said Muslims leaders where not responsible for the partition of India but it was Congress specially Pandit Nehru due to whom Pakistan was made.He said thousands of Muslims where killed in Gujrat and Assam and Killings are even continuing today in Kashmir by Army.  He also called for Peace between India and Pakistan and resolving all issues by dialogues