10 Nato Soldiers Died in Suicide Attack by 80 Year Man

Afghanistan is known as Graveyard of Empires and whichever Super power attacked Afghanistan it was defeated by the Brave Afghan People whether it is British Empire, Soviet Union or now Americans no one is able to Defeat the Afghan people. Afghan People are very brave with Strong Faith that are ready to give their Life for freedom of their Land. We often hear on Media that Afghan Taliban is a terrorist Group of few people which is not the reality on Ground.

Actually today Afghan Taliban has become a Public Movement and common Afghan man is standing with Taliban so it is not possible for Americans and Nato to defeat them. Large Number of Civilian Killings by Nato And American Soldiers have made Taliban Movement even more stronger.

Now Let me come towards the Topic of this post that a  80 Year Old Man  Haji Lala has done a Suicide attack on Nato Soldiers in Helmand Killing 10 Nato Soldiers. Haji Lala was also included in Fight again the Soviet Union and on Friday he hit a Car Full of Explosive in Convey of Nato Soldiers which killed 10 Nato Soldiers.  This incident also shows that it is impossible to win in Afghanistan because it is a country where a 80 year old man can also kill 10 Nato Soldiers.