3 Million People Effected by Floods in Pakistan

According to United Nation Report more than 3 Million People are effected by recent Floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab Provinces of Pakistan while More than 1400 People Have Lost Their Lives.  The People Who Have Lost Their Houses are 1 Million. In Effected Areas Their In extreme Need of Food, Drinking Water, Medicines and Camps. It is the Worse Ever Flood in History of Pakistan.

There is threat of different Diseases to be spread in the Flood Effected Areas. Pakistani Government is not been able to do much work for Flood Victims. It is Only Pakistan Army and some Organizations that are helping the Flood Victims. Thousands of Army Man are involved in Rescue and Welfare Activities. Saudi Arabia, Italy, Indonesia have announced to provide aid to Flood Victims. Religious Organizations Like Jamat Ud Dawa and Jamat islami are also taking part in Welfare activities.