80 Christians Accepts Islam Due to Jamat UD Dawa

When Corrupt Zardari Government of Pakistan is not taking much steps to help the Pakistani People in the Worst Ever Floods of Pakistan in 63 Years It is Pakistan Army and Islamic Charities like Jamat Ud Dawa Also Known As Lashkar Taiba and Jamat Islami that are are working hard to help the Pakistani Flood Victims. These are the Same Islamic Organizations that worked very impressively in the 2005 Earthquake of Azad Kashmir and now they are helping the Flood Victims. Jamat Ud Dawa is daily giving Food to Millions of People and Rescuing them from Flood Waters. Jamat Ud Dawa has also settled Many Camps For The Stay of These People.

Watching This Impressive Works of these Islamic Charities Many Non Muslim Got Impressed and Accepted Islam in the past and now the latest News of Express News is that  80 Christians in which a  Christian Priest is also included has accepted Islam after being impressed by Flood Relief works of Jamat Ud Dawa. These Christians also watched Jamat ud Dawa helping the needy people in 2005 Earthquake and Jamat ud Dawa also lost many of its workers in Rescue works of 2005 Earthquake and now they seen them helping the people in Floods without asking for any reward. This really Impressed these People and they accepted the Islam.