Nato Forces Kills 6 Kids in Afghanistan

American and Nato Soldiers Continues to Kill Civilian Afghan People even in the month of August. In August Several Women, Men and Kids have been Killed by Foreign Forces Specially in Air Strikes. In A Recent Incident on Thursday Nato Forces Killed 6 Afghan Kids In an Air Strike Asadabad in Eastern Area of Afghanistan.  The Kids Where collecting some Scrap Metal From a Street when they where targeted in a Air Strike by Foreign Forces and all 6 Kids where died on the Spot.

Local Afghans has said that 10 Kids have been killed in this attack and Nato Soldiers are hiding the real Number of deaths.  American and Nato Soldiers has killed thousands of Innocent Afghan People till now in last 9 years in different areas of Afghanistan. In Recently Leaked Wikileaks Documents as well the Foreign Forces where blamed for being involved in Series War Crimes in Afghanistan. These Civilian Killings are also increasing hatred against Foreign Forces in Afghanistan ans giving Strength to Taliban.