Allies Are Losing the Afghan War: President Zardari

President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has said that American and Nato Forces are losing the War in Afghanistan From Taliban and Taliban are getting stronger day by day. He said however there are no chances of Taliban coming back in Power but they have got stronger as compare to past. President Zardari is on UK Tour these days Where he will meet UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Asif Zardari said while talking to French Media that Allied Forces have failed in winning Hearts and Minds of the Afghan People. He said Nato and American forces have calculated the Ground realities wrongly. Zardari also criticized the Statement of UK Prime Minister David Cameron in which he blamed Pakistan for Exporting the terror last week in India Tour.  Pakistani Public and Media demanded President Zardari to Cancel the Visit of UK after this statement of David Cameron but According to Zardari he wants to Meet David Cameron to Explain his Point of View that Pakistan have also lost Many Lives in War on Terror.