Curfew Imposed Again in Occupied Kashmir

On Saturday 21 August 2010 Curfew is imposed once again in different parts of Occupied Kashmir by India Security Forces after big protests against India.  Yesterday Two Kashmiris including a 8 Year old boy was killed by Indian Forces which increased the anger of the Protesters and Indian Forces imposed Strict Curfew to stop these Protests.  Killings of Civilians have reached up to 60 In Month of August by Indian Security Forces.

Most Parts of Occupied Kashmir Capital Sri Nagar are under Curfew People are staying in Homes while Shops are Closed. Recent Protests in Occupied Kashmir started Two Months ago in June when a Young Teenager was shot down by Indian Soldiers.  From that day almost daily we are seeing Protest and More civilian Killings on streets of Kashmir. The Interesting things that we are seeing in these Protests is that there is Gun involved by Side of Kashmiris and they are simply throwing Stones in reply to Bullets of Indian Security Forces.