Happy Independence Day 14 August

Today on 14th August 2010 People of Pakistan are Celebrating their 63rd Independence Day with Simplicity due to Floods in Pakistan. 63 Years ago on 14th August 1947 Pakistan got Independence From British and created a Separate Country from India for the Muslims of Subcontinent where they can live with freedom and follow their Religion Freely.

Almost 4 Million Muslims where Martyred during the Creation of Pakistan and Millions of People migrated from India to Pakistan.

At Present Pakistan is facing Worst Floods of its History due to which Independence Day is Celebrated with Simplicity and Celebration of this day are Canceled. Pakistan Army has also announced to Cancel the Celebrations of 14th August and 6 September. 2000 People have lost their Lives in these Floods while Millions lost their Homes. Today on 14 August  2010 People of Pakistan need to Unite like 14 August1947 and help those people that are in need.